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I just want to say thanks for the well wishes and concern shown by many of my fellow RC Groupers over my recent stroke.
I'll try to answer any questions regarding my stroke here instead of getting way off topic in the general discussion threads.

On Monday March 25th at around 5:15 PM my left arm seemed to develop a mind of it's own and tried to beat me to death. Luckily I was at work and not on the road home so was able to call out across the room for help. EMS was summoned and I was transported to Manatee Memorial after they decided I had a stroke local to my left arm only. The seizures had stopped by the time EMS arrived but there was no strength left in my arm. I couldn't even lift it without using my other arm to do so. Shortly after arriving at the ER, I experienced another seizure in the same arm but this one was short lived due to whatever the drug was they injected me with. I spent the night in the ER and was transported to the stroke unit the next day.
From there I was given steroids, and anti seizure medications via IV and had multiple CT and MRI Scans (with & without contrast) over a period of a few days. There is a small tumor/lesion of approx. 1.3 cm in my brain that they feel is responsible for my condition and surgery has been scheduled to remove it on April 11th. Prayers for a well trained surgeon with God guiding his hands will be much appreciated for this date. I'm hoping for minimal complications for this event although the surgeon has...Continue Reading
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Review (ip) of Eachine TX06 700TVL FOV 120 Degree 5.8Ghz 48CH Smart Audio Mini FPV Camera Support Pitmode AIO Transmitter For RC Drone Racing - PAL

This is new AIO from Eachine and here are some details.

  • OSD configuration using FC Uart
  • Super small and lightweight
  • 700TVL high picture quality,Low Power Consumption.
  • 48CH channel with race band
  • Power by 1S lipo battery
  • Plug and play,designed for DIY
  • Super Mini 5.8GHz 48CH FPV Transmitter +700TVL FPV Camera+Brass dipole Antenna+OSD

Transmitting power: 25mW
Frequency: 5.8G 48CH
Input voltage:3.3-5.5V
Current consumption:280mA(typical)
Camera resolution: 700TVL
Video Format: NTSC
Field of view : 120°viewing angle
Antenna dimensions: 35mm*4.2mm diameter
Antenna: Brass dipole Antenna
Frequency:5.8GHz 6 bands 48 channels,
with Race band:5474-5945MHZ
Size: 14*13.8mm(L*W)

In the box:

...Continue Reading
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Review of Eachine TX1200 25/200/600/1000mW 5.8GHz 40CH FPV Transmitter LED Display Support Smart Audio OSD Pitmode MIC TX

New and powerful TX from Eachine came out and here are some details and DVR 1km flight test

  • Support smart audio, use OSD configuration via smart audio
  • 25mW/200mW/600mW/1000mW 4 levels power switchable
  • 7V-26V wide voltage input

Brand Name : Eachine
Model : TX1200 VTX
Support Smart Audio
Power Switable : 25mW/200mW/600mW/1000mW
Power Input : 7V-26V
Power Output : 5V
Connector : MMCX
Extra features: 1W Smart audio
Cable Connector : JST,6Pin
Dimensions: 36*36mm 30.5 stack able hole

1km range test DVR

Eachine TX1200 1km range test DVR 1000mW - 25/200/600/1000mW 5.8GHz 40CH FPV Transmitter (3 min 52 sec)

Reference data:
5V Camera Supply: 95mA(Typical value)[email protected]
5V Camera Supply: 180mA(Typical value)[email protected]
5V Camera Supply: 300mA(Typical value)[email protected]
5V Camera Supply: 480mA(Typical value)[email protected]

Freq. list:

...Continue Reading
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Hi wondering if any one can help i recently had a problem with my ftx servo so i fixed the problem and im now left with a steering issue the servo is working fine but it seems the steering rack is catching some were maybie.any body had any similar issues any help is welcome ive got a tiny bit of steering but thats it
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The V911 control board has been connected to the motor ..
And then hot glued into the J3 ..

Elevator / Rudder connections made ..

I did some chuck testing with the battery taped to the fuse and ........ I put some Velcro on the belly !
This way I can move the battery for CG ..

It's ready ! Just charging up a battery now ...
It is way too breezy for the J3 outside , so I might do some taxi runs in the hallway ..
It was very calm last night . so maybe a after dark session with the J3 ?
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I enjoy preparing sections of material and surface sanding them down to see the unique resulting properties.

Typically with these tests I remove a huge amount of material because otherwise the material(s) would be too thin to hold together for sanding, or be glued with integrity, or with a perfect finish, etc. In the end something comes out that is somehow greater than the sum of its parts.

I have no practice application for this one in mind but thought it was interesting. Just sharing here.
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RC F3h Demon RC EDF Jet Maiden Flight! [4K] (18 min 28 sec)

The other Day I finally Miadened My Scracth-built RC F3H Demon Navy Fighter Jet That I started building in 2006, I originally finished her in 2009 and she sat for nearly 10 years, then last year I got her ready for her maiden flight.

And Flew Finally Flew! And I'm very Proud to now really Be "DemonDriver" for real!

She flew 3 times 2 short flights and one 1-min flight which ended in her Lipo dying and her nosing in but the damage was not bad at all and she will be fully repaired soon and flying again.
Posted by old4570 | Apr 02, 2019 @ 05:49 PM | 1,586 Views - Minimum RC Piper J3 @

I saw this on and thought - how cute is that !
With Oz Wizards becoming crazy %^&^&#$^*'s and criminalising RC in Oz , it looks like law abiding citizens need to think smaller if they dont want to be licensed and registered like gun owners for flying model air-planes .

So with crazy Wizards running Oz !

This be a very small J3

Wingspans : 360mm
Length : 290mm
Weight : 25g
Motor : 720 coreless motor

My plan is to use one of my precious V911 boards to fly the J3 .
So as pictured , is where the stock build ends ... And the V911 conversion starts .

Comprises of 3 pieces of depron glued together
This makes for a light yet relatively stiff sheet fuse .
Only issue I see , is the section for the Rud / Ele is left as a single sheet . This makes the tail somewhat flexible and weak . ( Could be an issue )
Also be sure to alight correctly as the two outer pieces are used to create a slot for gluing the wing into .

Rud / Ele:
The rudder seems fine , but you need to be careful gluing the elevator .. It needs to be located carefully so it does not sit too far forward or to far back .
Also it is best to get your angles correct . the ele does not just sit there while the glue dries , it tended to droop for me .. So I needed something under one ele tip to maintain that 90deg angle with the rudder while the...Continue Reading
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I didn't change the settings of the Turtle yet. The Gecko 3 inch flies very smooth and stable, almost like a 5 inch.

Wing Watchers, Pt. 2 - Armattan Gecko, Caddx Turtle (3 min 15 sec)

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All good things come to and end and so it is with the Son of FrankenSolo. What a fun project.

I built a gimbal for this project using OlliW's STorM32NT gimbal controller. OlliW has provided excellent compatibility with Ardupilot and your choice of connection methods. You can use PWM, Sbus, Spektrum or serial connections between the flight controller and the gimbal. You can use Mavlink or OlliW's own STorM32 mode serial. Lastly you can use native mode STorM32 as I did which is a serial connection and the Betacopter branch of Ardupilot which includes OlliW's improvements for his gimbal. Native mode has the richest set of features.

...Continue Reading
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My channel 509trails gives away rc cars to troubled youth and less fortunate kids

This was my first giveaway

the helion gets a new home (3 min 29 sec)

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In the modern world, people's lives becoming more and more intelligent. People is not only satisfied with current condition, more and more people are tend to make their life more modern. So more and more robots appear in our daily lives.

Maybe at the beginning people make the small robots just for fun, but as time goes on, we realized that robots play an important roles in our lives. The simulate robot which imitate the people action like sport, dance etc. The smart dog which can monitor your home, clean the house and even play with you. The robot arm which use for the high precision production line. The industrial robot which use for the place where people cannot reach etc.

As the robotics growing up, the servos are becoming more and more important as well. No matter how small or large size, that will be one place for the servo in the device, which use for control the moving direction. Servos are not limited for the RC Cars, Aircrafts, Helicopters, Boats, even at the beginning servo mainly used for these fields. But people find wider application with the servos.

The robot servos comes with different setup, but almost all the servos can be programmable now, so if you find a servo manufacturer/factory, then you find your servo too. As they can custom the servo as required not matter size, torque, speed, voltage, color etc.

So if you have any projects not matter for Robotics or RC Models etc., you can contact with us. We are the servo manufacturer with around 10 years experiences, which also custom servos for many companies. Some stock products, you can go through our website:

Pls remember the servos are not only the ones showed in the website, welcome to ODM and OEM.

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It was $400 all in, without the electronicals. After 20 miles, the transmission was extremely noisy, despite lubrication & the sound damper. Despite the noise, the efficiency was a record high of 240mAh/mile empty. 2200kV is a better speed than 2400kV. The hall effect sensor worked without any firmware changes. It actually manetaned the same speed going downhill. There's no brake modulation, so it would have to always deliver the minimum power....Continue Reading
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Feel free to skip the next four or so paragraphs. The waterproofing details are down the post a bit. Note: this is a work in progress. I'll post pics as I get them.

The reason I got into this hobby (read: excuse I tell my wife) was to have an inexpensive quad that I could use as a fishfinder for my kayak. I wanted a compact drone that would go up 20m, fly something like a 100m radius, and look down at my immediate vicinity. Obviously, like everything else on my kayak, it had to be able to be fully immersed. This blog is a journal of me chasing that goal.

Being far too cheap to buy a purpose-built drone, I decided I could modify a cheap drone to my liking... 19 inexpensive drones later (including one unfinished scratch built folder) I think I may have found it. Yeah, I know I've spent enuf for two Swellpros. But where's the fun in just buying it!?! Besides, it wasn't available when I started down this merry path.
BTW: If you want to skip the DIY and actually achieve my goal, the SwellPro Spry looks like its THE lick!

The 501 does far more than I originally asked and the latest prices on Ebay have brought it down into my range. Miflydrone2017 sent me a brand new bnf H501S, 901a tx, and the watch for a total of $95. Add another $33 for 4 batteries and a second watch and I'm all in at $128 bucks (all shipped free within a week!) Its a little over my original limit for THE drone (actually just shy of 3x), but so were my expanded objectives (FPV, Brushless,...Continue Reading
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Keep your thumbs/fingers in the right spot with these stick ends from STP made specifically for the Taranis X-Lite. Extra pointy tips keep them right where you want them.

Choose between two colors, Black or Red.

Material: Anodized aluminum
Color: Black or Red
Thread: M2.5
1x Set of Stick Ends (2pcs)

Starpower CNC aluminum gimbal stick ends, transmitter stick anti-slipping cap Red/Gold/Blue/Black


For a thumber, stock X-Lite stick ends lack grip. As I use a light grip, i found I often had to re-adjust mid-flight (or worse, mid-race).
These drop in replacements never slipped once for a full day of racing. (I use a fairly light grip on the transmitter)
Seem to be good quality. Nice finish.
Height adjustable using the stock grub screws from the stock X-Lite stick ends. Hex key to make adjustments is provided.
Max height is about 4mm longer than stock X-Lite ends (great for hybrid pinchers). Min height is about 2mm longer than the min height of the stock X-Lite stick ends.

High quality CNC machined aluminium stick ends, helps prevent thumb or finger slippage mid flight for precision movements, easy to install (less than 2 minutes)

3mm - X9D (Taranis), FlySKY, Spektrum, Futaba and other 3mm gimbal equipped radios

4mm - For FrSky M7 and M9 gimbal,...Continue Reading
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Monday Afternoon ..
Cool Overcast ( Dull grey cloudy day ) , but little wind ..

It was almost an ELF'ing day !
So I had to take the Elf to the park ..
This time I used the slightly heavier 260mAh battery to move the CG forward a little ..

Hmmm , my launch settings worked , but I had a problem by where -- When I used the trim tabs to adjust elevator for cruise it would also effect my launch elevator setting ( A lot ) .. I nearly slammed the Elf into the ground because of this ..
Because the Tx was stuffing me around , I deleted the Elevator launch .. Once I did that I was able to play with cruise settings .. And off course this is when the breeze picked up ( obviously ) . Anyhow , I have separated the launch function from the main controls ( Ele / rud ) and put them on empty channels .. So hopefully using the trim tabs wont affect my launch settings .. ( Rather than setting things up as a mix )

Might have to do this for all my DLG's ...

Stuff ...
Another FS2A Rx came ... I do like these ..
Minimum Rc J3 came today ... Will most likely put my V911 control board into it ..
Be interesting ......Continue Reading
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Last time I wrote, the boat was in very bad shape.
Just to recap even to myself: Motor bearings changed, have a new prop for it, and the biggest mistake (for myself at least): broken the top cover.
In the meantime the new transmission arrived, as well as the new top cover.

Since I had time for it, I tried to find the problem, what is the source of the vibration, and found two things.
The first is that from factory the motor and the shaft is not aligned, in fact not even on the same level, the motor sits higher than the shaft, what is even more confusing is the back motor poles are higher...
It was an easy fix though , all it needed was my handy rotarty tool and a digital caliper, and a lot of patience.
Measure the motor holder one by one, sand a bit with rotary tool, measure again, put in motor, check level, begin again. The process took more than an hour, done really slow, becouse I dont have another hull, and frankly dont want to buy another
Checked how it turned out: pushed the shaft outer housing in the half of the dogbone on the motor. No binding, motor turns fine around the shaft.
Should be 90% perfection
I think it will make positive difference...

While I was at it, lowered the white plastic motor shield, as decided to keep it just to be sure, so now it wont touching the new tubing... oh, iam ahead of myself, first things first.

Anyway said it will make a positive difference, but cant test it to be 100% sure - found out the another problem:...Continue Reading