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Posted by Boone 870 | Today @ 11:20 AM | 118 Views

Now that the gimbals were far enough apart to get full range from the sticks, I was looking to get some use out of the nine available buttons and switches on the transmitter. First, I needed to completely remove the "F" switch from the face of the transmitter to prevent my pinky finger from contacting it while I was moving the stick. Simple enough, a bolt with a flush mount head was placed into the vacant hole left by the "F" switch.

Next would be finding a sip-and-puff mobility-switch with more than just an "on and off" or "open and closed" two position function. I found a suitable switch at Broadenedhorizons.com that has what is called a "latching" feature that would allow me to use two separate switches simultaneously on my transmitter. My cousin stripped the transmitter apart once again and made some custom modifications that included adding 3.5 mm jacks to the outside of the case that would allow me to plug in my new mobility-switch. He wired the stereo jacks in line with the current "I" switch so that the black pushbutton on the Spektrum transmitter would still function with or without the mobility switch plugged in.

The Broadened Horizons mobility-switch is pretty simple in concept. "Puff" into the tubing and it momentarily closes a switch. "Sip" on the tubing and a small internal ratchet switches between two positions.

The toggle for the "F" switch was...Continue Reading
Posted by Tahoed | Today @ 10:15 AM | 195 Views
Finally got a chance to fly it....

talonmaiden (6 min 4 sec)

Posted by biglombo | Today @ 05:57 AM | 426 Views
Uncut at the beach -TBS crossfire | FPV DRONE FREESTYLE | ITALY | martian II, dys samguk 2306 (3 min 44 sec)

One day at the beach to enjoy sun. friends and lipos!

Camera: Xiaomy Yi - with SuperView script

I hope you enjoy and if you like what you see, please subscribe my channel! http://bit.ly/2y4wZgh .....THANK YOU!!!

Find me on facebook:

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my gear:

Quad N.1:
Martian 2 frame
Kingkong GT2205 2350kv
Racerstar 30A esc blheli_s
Runcam swift 2
Omnibus F4 v3
TBS crossfire micro RX
TBS unify HV
Pagoda antenna

Quad N.2:
Martian 2 frame
DYS samguk 2306 2500kv
HAKRC BLHeli32 Bit 30A
Runcam swift 2
Omnibus F4 v3
RCimmersion Tramp HV
Pagoda antenna

Other Gear:
Fatshark Dominator HD3
Furious True-D 3.6 with pagoda + Triple feed patch
Frsky Taranis X9D+
Crossfire TX module (the big one. In some videos I could have used mi)

Garage quad:
Realacc x210 frame
Racerstar 2306 2400kv
Various 20A esc blheli_s
Runcam swift 2
SPracing F3
EWRF e708TM3
Stubby linear antenna
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Well those 1.5mm screws showed up today .. ( I thought I had a 6A ESC ? - Must have misplaced it )
Anyhow .. I have a 12A ESC I can test with .

Motor is 1s - 2s so we will be using a 2s Battery ..

GB gives no specs on the motor ..
HK has a motor !

30 Watts

So using a 2s battery and ...

5x3 - 5x4 - 6x3 and a cut down 5x3 to 4.5x3 .

First I tested current draw and Watts , every prop was around 3.15Amp and 25 Watts and the motor ran cool . So obviously I am not maxing out the motor at all . Then for kicks I gout out some cheap electronic scales and I tested for thrust . Motor is mounted to a wood block , I am setting the motor up for pusher ( push down ) to see how much weight the scales register . Obviously with the motor off one sets the scales to zero ...

5x3 prop gave around 110 grams of thrust .. 5x4 prop was about 115 grams and the 6x3 was around 120 grams , but obviously this is static thrust . Pitch would have something to say about flight performance , so I will go with the 5x4 ...

Well with about 3A current draw , around 110 grams of thrust .. I think the motor will fly my wing , especially if I can make it 100 grams RTF ..

Not sure the GB motor can live up the the HK motor specs , just does not feel like a 3000kv motor .. Its dark and tomorrow I will tack the motor with the 4.5x3 prop as it did rev out a little more on the little spinner .
Posted by MDheliMech | Today @ 12:50 AM | 539 Views
I have been gone for so long I forgot about being a member here. I am so horrible at focusing on all of my different hobbies. I have serious HAD (hobby attention deficit). I sort of lost sight of aircraft and got into model railroads. Then I got into making terrain for tabletop games. Recently I was telling an engineer that I work with about the EDF tri-copter I built. I was bummed out I didn’t have any pictures of it. Then I remembered that I had posted some on the internet somewhere. I searched for the Twins Multi Purpose Cargo Plane, and found my way right back here. Hoping to get back into the hobby.
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Today @ 12:40 AM | 540 Views
4 months after the last wheel failure, the same left front wheel broke off again.


& the right front tire continued to have wear problems. At least it got a good video before it died.

19 minutes at 7m18s per mile (2 min 40 sec)

Posted by xanuser | Yesterday @ 11:09 PM | 571 Views
Flex RC asecnet 2" frame
boldclash 1103b 8000kv. possibly from conformal/ needs replacement motor. front right motor stalls.
micro swift.
16mm stack. https://www.banggood.com/Super_S-F4-...r_warehouse=CN
akk nano. (from 3.3. firmware "sale")
Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 07:26 PM | 669 Views
My wing is here from FastTech dot com ...
I put it on the scales and got 46 grams ( for the foam components ) , that leaves me some 54 grams to play with to get to my goal of 100 grams RTF
Just waiting on the 2.5g servos now and some small ( 1.5mm ) screws
Posted by mlilasic | Yesterday @ 05:29 PM | 761 Views
Review of Eachine E010S PRO - 65mm 5.8G 40CH 800TVL Camera F3 Built-in OSD High Hold Mode RC Drone Quadcopter

This quad remained my on the Jaws. Too bad it cant go underwater

This cool design aldought brings great benefit for beginners because all electronic parts are well protected in canopy it makes life a little bit complicated (we are spoiled) to initially setup the quad because bind button for RX, CH/TX button and USB port are all hidden under canopy.
Good thing is that after initial setup there's no need to do that again because quad has OSD so most important BetaFlight settings are tunable via OSD.

I can reccomend this quad already to beginers because its great protection of el. components and antennas.

VTX antenna is hidden in shark tail ant RX antenna is laid horizontal "out of the box". When I opened the shark to adjust my CH/TX I put the RX antenna to upright. I believe it should be better that way.

I did a short hover and LOS test after setting in BF my modes and it flies great.

Flight video footage :

Maiden "out of the box" flight.
Flies just awesome...

E010S PRO Eachine Quad 1st "out of the box" maiden flight - 65mm 5.8G 40CH 800TVL F3 OSD High Hold (3 min 3 sec)

  • Weight:

...Continue Reading
Posted by kydawg1 | Yesterday @ 04:15 PM | 715 Views
Posted by yosemitez | Yesterday @ 04:11 PM | 731 Views
crossfire micro, X220, 600mw vtx foxeer, 1300mh battery, eachine vtx antenna
ground station is immersion diversity with truerc canada X-AIR 5.8 and patch
still had great video and you see the readouts from the crossfire in the chart. battery is only limiting factor
Posted by Old_Pilot | Yesterday @ 03:33 PM | 825 Views
Nice CNC kit from Bob's CNC...expanded to cut 41"
Posted by Tom Hunt | Yesterday @ 02:22 PM | 783 Views
I was involved in the power selection for the HK Avios Grand Tundra when Stuart Warne was still at the helm. Now that Stephen Neill has taken over he graciously sent me one for my personal use after I beat up a prototype model Stuart sent me last year. The proto is still in good flying shape, but kinda dented and dinged. Originally just an "albino", Stephen sent me a set of decals for it. I also converted it to clear windows which I will show how that is done after the pre-orders have reached the modelers. but until then I would like to discuss the inflight data I will be collecting on the model.
Posted by Absaroka | Yesterday @ 02:18 PM | 766 Views
Put a Sk3 3542-1000 in the old Tundra. Here's the trial flight.
Old Beast with 4S (2 min 3 sec)

Posted by Thomas B. | Yesterday @ 12:58 PM | 803 Views
The Ekranoplan plan is now online as a free Modell-Aviator download.
Here isthe build log:
Posted by Reckless_fpv | Yesterday @ 10:31 AM | 852 Views
Posted by Jeffrey Ewing | Yesterday @ 09:46 AM | 874 Views
Check out my latest build. I'm working hard at trying to grow a channel dedicated to the drone racing community. Hope you guys like the new video, and as always please hit the like and subscribe.
P.S. If there's any vendors out there who would like to have me review a 6s lipo in my test flight video... let me know. Thanks, Jeff.
How to build a 6s racing done "Merica" (23 min 16 sec)

Posted by Calcifer | Yesterday @ 08:26 AM | 929 Views

CSI Spoof: Black Lights Expose Semen (0 min 50 sec)

Posted by archerfpv | Yesterday @ 06:39 AM | 975 Views
Batteries up, props down!

Finally got a GoPro Hero5 Session and have been playing with the iPhone apps lately. Just need to make some longer clips now. I've mainly been posting clips on my instagram www.instagram.com/archervr1
Here's a short 1 min clip I just posted on my YouTube, you can also see I'm flying a lot better than I was 7-8 months ago. Still using the 210 budget quad but in the process of building a floss 2 and a new freestyle rig using premium parts. Pics and vids to come on that one.

FPV Freestyle... on a budget (1 min 0 sec)

Posted by Tazkiller85 | Yesterday @ 05:19 AM | 1,032 Views
Yep Les Amis,
Selfie or not Selfie ... Voici un nouvel engin spécial selfie qui avait l'air prometteur sur le papier, le SG700, un appareil qui propose pas mal d'options sympas. Le positionnement optique fonctionne plutôt pas mal, pratique pour les prises de vue et selfie. Le maintien d'altitude par contre, est un peu aléatoire avec une légère brise alors qu'en indoor pas de soucis. La résolution d'image Photo/Vidéo reste moyenne malgré les 2M de pixels. Gros soucis par contre sur la reprise de stabilité après des accrobaties .En bref petit drone sympatique pour se faire la main grace à son assistance mais il ne faut pas trop lui en demander.

SG700 Selfie et positionnement optique Review Test Démo / De belles promesses ! (22 min 39 sec)

NOTATAZ : 14/20 Rapport qualité prix moyen !

Les + : Nombreuses Options de vols, Appli assez réussie, facile à piloter avec la radio, Positionnement Optique correct.
Les - : Perte de contrôle lors des Flips auto, résolution caméra moyenne et maintien d'altitude pas régulié.

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :
- SG700 (Ebay FR) : https://goo.gl/QoL1Ww
- SG700 (Ebay US) : https://goo.gl/47zYYV

Mon matériel :
- Caméra GIT2P (casquette) : https://goo.gl/auJNu2
- Camescope Endoer (Macro et Photos) : https://goo.gl/PA6WQX
- Caméra FIREFLY 8S : https://goo.gl/4TVS24
- Caméra DBPOWER 4K (écran tactile) : https://goo.gl/iqRRrv
- Micro...Continue Reading