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Posted by Jack Crossfire | Feb 06, 2012 @ 07:29 AM | 7,977 Views
Monocopter POV Choreography (5 min 56 sec)

The mane requirement for Marcy 1 was always the most advanced flying thing known to man, hovering autonomously, showing POV synchronized to Evans Blue: The Darkness That Follows. 2 years after envisioning it, we finally got it working. It doesn't come out as well with the slow RPM as hoped.

Getting the full POV image requires lying directly under it with a video camera, relying on the autopilot to work. Lying directly under it causes turbulence which makes it very unstable. A wide angle camera lens made it slightly easier to capture.

For all its complexity, uploading the images in realtime & caching in RAM wasn't fast enough. All 58 images ended up being stored in flash, with the ground station sending indexes to show. There remains an option of realtime upload for testing.

You wouldn't believe how many problems kept cropping up with the choreographed POV.

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