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Posted by zwever39 | Jan 08, 2011 @ 08:17 PM | 3,882 Views
On my Radian the aileron horns were not even so I had to remove the horn and adjust it. I poked the small JIS driver right through the foam rather than digging it out. Much neater.
Please note that JIS drivers work much better on those small Asian screws than Phillips drivers.
Posted by zwever39 | Jan 08, 2011 @ 08:10 PM | 3,734 Views
See new flap setting. 2nd holes from outside of both horns.
The right flap had the push rod on the 2 hole already so it is a bit more down then stock (but only on the flap horn). Moving it up on the servo horn made all the difference..
No I haven't flown it yet.
My transmitter is a JR 9303 using very basic settings, flaps, no crow, on the left switch (none, half and full). I did program in thermal, no reflex (I got a motor) on the right 3 position switch.
I also neatened up the push rods for cleaner runs as someone also mentioned and sanded the internal push rods as suggested by Eastcoast.
When setting up I use a 4.8 volt receiver battery to prevent accidental motor starts, also a servo driver comes in real handy to center and futz with servo alignment.
For the aileron on the aux channel I use a 2" servo extension to avoid flexing the receiver board. I left the aileron y cable in which will give me a spare connection for an alarm, altimeter or voltmeter.

After a long hiatus i finally got the Pro ready for a remaiden.
The original problem was that the ESC hunted and the plane wouldn't climb.
Horizon Hobby replaced the ESC some time ago.
I had no problem setting up the ESC for a 3 cell battery but couldn't get the brake to work so it sat unused.
Yes, it was me. With the help of a youtube video the brake was set properly yesterday (9/21/ '12).
I also added a foam bulkhead to prevent the battery from sliding too far aft and maintain better CG.
Now I need a nice day to try it out before attempting more mods.