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Posted by mfwilliams | Jul 03, 2019 @ 05:24 PM | 3,313 Views
Wow, I'm getting old and lazy. Went out and flew with Poh and the boys from Tullahoma on Monday. I realized I hadn't touched the sticks since the NW trip last year, June 2018. Yikes! I still haven't programmed my Shadow 2 and Shadow 2 E. So I ended up with the Gentle Lady for the winch and the Radian for electric. I only flew for about an 1-1/2 hours. Thermals were great, but I was way rusty. In retrospect, the Gentle Lady and Radian were great choices. I really looked pretty sloppy up there. Would have hated to see the results if I was maidening the new Shadows. Better to look sloppy and rusty then have twisted piles of wrecked moldies….right? Also, felt better flying 72 MHz on the GL and only flying 2.4 on the foamy Radian. The guys related to me how yesterday, the military had been practicing shooting down drones on 2,4 with their new jammer/guns, just a few blocks up the road. A sobering thought.
Eventually we had to pack up the winch trailer and call it a day. Poh, Bill, his wife and I headed over to the Celtic Cup in Tullahoma for lunch. About a mile or two from the field. Interesting place, it wasn't an Irish pub, but an Irish Coffee house/giftshop. Food was good and it was nice and cool on the inside (94deg outside). We had soup, panini's and salads. We broke up about 2pm. I headed back up to Murfreesboro via the backroads, instead of I-24 to enjoy the rolling countryside and quaint little towns. All in all, a great day, with no crashes and great scenery.

Mike W