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Posted by mfwilliams | Apr 20, 2016 @ 01:04 AM | 7,548 Views
Sorry I haven't posted a blog entry for a month. I've been busy working on the house and lawn with our current warm weather. Additionally, family has been up to visit and kept us occupied.
I finally was able to get some flight times in on Monday over at Eagleville. I met Poh for some electric and winch flying. The lift was tremendous in the morning and early afternoon. But by 2:00PM the lift conditions changed and we started to pack up. It was by all accounts a good day flying, light wind, sunny, and 82 deg temps. It was only Poh and I. Although local flyer, Gary joined us for a short period, but had some issues with his electric BOT and left early. I only shot a few pics, so enjoy.
On another note, Kit (Rockitglider) has really done well taking photos where I left off at Pompano. He has now gotten his blog up to speed at From now on I'll just reference his blog when he has updated it. This week (4-16-16) I noticed he has a great picture of Bald Eagle ( a rarity in South Florida).
As a final note, I just received word that one of our founding members of Pompano Hill Flyers, Jerry Winkler, passed yesterday in St Augustine. Jerry was a fixture on the "hill" for many years before he moved to St Augustine.