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Posted by Ghost who walks | May 15, 2014 @ 06:43 AM | 9,386 Views
As if I didn't have enough projects part finished I thought I would add another one.
This is a PZ ultra micro Mustang replacement fuselage that I have modified to look like my favourite Reno racers. I am thinking if I take a mould off it I can paint it up as either "Miss Foxy Lady" or "Galloping Ghost" as they are sort of similar. Initially I think I will go with MFL, due to being male and it has naked breasts on the fuselage. : D (what can I say )

I have modified a Hobby King micro mustang wing to suit the PZ fuse as it is a full aerofoil shape.
I am going to put the brushless 2 cell set up in it that I have tried in my original um PZ Mustang that works really well.
I am still tossing up whether to try and put retracts in it as I am thinking it might be a tad heavy as it is....Continue Reading
Posted by Ghost who walks | Apr 18, 2014 @ 09:22 AM | 10,207 Views
This is the yacht that is raced locally it is called a Wind Warrior (built in New Zealand)
This one is mine and a little unimaginatively I have called it "The
Warrior" I intend to put an Apache Indian or something like this, maybe even a samurai on the main sail (I actually named it after a Patty Smyth song in which she says "I am the warrior and victory is mine"),
I haven't had much chance of late to go down and race as I have a lot of projects up in the air half finished that I am trying to put a dent in, plus I have a crack around the lead bulb that I have started repairing today.
I think I will cover the full keel in carbon fibre because when I started sanding away around the keel to strengthen it with carbon strips it was just about all gelcoat and not much glass.
They are a great little boat I think 670mm overall length 650 mm waterline.
We regularly have a fleet of about 12 to 15 division 1 boats (generation 3 boats) and about the same in division 2 (generation 2 boats, there are slight differences)
they are one design which can give some close racing.
Posted by Ghost who walks | Apr 18, 2014 @ 08:48 AM | 7,915 Views
Started building this a while ago and it is nearing completion all I have left to do is connect up the rudder and install the carbon fibre skid/rudder protector and cover the wings with wbpu and light fibreglass cloth. I have already covered the bottom with this and am happy how it turned out.
This build was sort of similar to the Polaris and I have used ideas from that on this plane eg, ESC mounted on heatsink and installed on the side of the fuse. Strengthened underneath the battery tray and made removable connectors for the motor down near it so that I can seal the body up better and not worry about having to cut too much up for repairs.
After maiden if it survives then I will finish the paint scheme that I have started (mainly started for basic orientation)...Continue Reading
Posted by Ghost who walks | Jan 20, 2014 @ 07:15 AM | 8,182 Views
My park zone Mustang is my favourite plane (one I am most comfortable flying with my limited ability ) But I have always wished it had a bit more grunt and be able to fly in a bit more wind
Loving Mustangs as much as I do I have decided to have a go at making one from scratch that is just a little bigger but still very portable.
I have decided to make it about a 500mm wing span and to also try to make it as scale detailed as possible (keeping weight in consideration)
I am making an actual plug for a mould so that when the inevitable crash happens I will only have to pop out replacement parts and will be back under way again with not too much time and hassle. I am hoping this will allow me to make it as light and strong as possible with carbon fibre lay up.
I am basically teaching myself how to
  • cut foam blanks with a hot wire cutter (not going so well so far)
  • work out incidence, thrust angles and washout stuff
  • vacuum bagging
    and general scale detailing including retractable landing gear and scale doors on all wheels
Anyone with actual knowledge/experience at doing this sort of build is not only welcome but actively encouraged to chime in with advice or even just support

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Posted by Ghost who walks | Oct 18, 2013 @ 05:39 AM | 8,954 Views
I had cut out the Mermaid a while ago to build alongside "Alphawhisky" to assist Alan with his first Depron build, (as it turns out he didn't need any assistance as his plane is finished and is a fantastic looking build) but I had other projects on the building table that stopped me from getting into it.
I have now decided its time to build it, but I am going to modify it a little.
I am going to make the rudder work full height and I am also going to make the rudder deeper in the water as well. To do this I have to change the horizontal stab, so I am going to make it full flying.
Posted by Ghost who walks | Oct 17, 2013 @ 07:35 AM | 8,530 Views
I thought it was about time to update my blog, I am using this blog as a means of reminding myself how I built a particular model for later reference either for repairs or to build another one the same down the track.
This build log is of a little flying wing design by gold guy in Canada,
Original was made of EPP but I don't have easy access to epp so I have built it out of depron.
I have sand dunes and beach cliffs within 1 to 2 kilometres of where I live and think this will be a fun little plane for onshore breezes in summer.
Posted by Ghost who walks | Apr 23, 2013 @ 01:56 AM | 8,518 Views
I know this an RC forum, but seen as how it is my blog and it is hobby related, I thought I would add this log in as it is something that takes up a bit of my hobby time and I have had a renewed interest in it of late, It is a long term build that I want to get as neat as possible to put in a display case over the fireplace.
It is an Artesenia Latina kit of "Le Renard" which is an 18th century english cutter that was taken by the french and used as a Corsair/pirate ship, it has 10 caronades and carried a crew of 46.
It is to a scale of 1:50 and is 630mm long.
I am kit bashing it as some of the things in the kit are not how they would be done in full size, and I feel that making these changes will give me a much nicer model even though it is a lot more extra work (all planks have been full length tapered and deck is a laid deck not ply etc)

...Continue Reading
Posted by Ghost who walks | Apr 16, 2013 @ 09:00 AM | 8,200 Views
This is my build of the RC Powers F117 stealth fighter
Picture 1 All parts cut out and carbon stiffener glued in with epoxy micro balloons.
Picture 2 Dry fitting of the parts to see how they fit together, decided to trim the edge where the fuselage meets the wing to a neat angle so that I have more gluing surface area to give it extra strength for bugger all gain in weight, was a bit fiddly to do but I think it was worth it if only for the neat edge that gets rid of the gap for finishing purposes.
Photo 3 glued the elevons on using my now standard hinge which is Neo Rez wet suit repair glue.
Photo 4 shows the scored corners for the fuselage RC Powers does this on the outside where it can be seen but due to me trying for a better finish I have done this on the inside out of sight.
Posted by Ghost who walks | Apr 15, 2012 @ 06:06 AM | 8,301 Views
My Baja 5B SS that has had upgrades done with parts to enhance durability more than increase performance.
Posted by Ghost who walks | Mar 21, 2012 @ 02:33 AM | 8,974 Views
This is my 100% Polaris builld, I made the same design on the wing as I did on my 55% build as I think it looks pretty cool
I am redoing the build log as the computer ate the last one I did, so all the time lines on the postings are not true to actual build time.

Posted by Ghost who walks | Feb 07, 2012 @ 07:31 AM | 9,437 Views
This is my build log of my 55% polaris plane, it is the first plane I have ever built. I started building the 55% one first, to find out any issues I would have building it before commiting to the full size one.
As it turns out I have found the bigger one easier to work on! Hence the reason I have two part built planes.
I have taken photo's of different stages of the build, as well as mods I have made, or different ways of getting to the end result of some of the steps in the process.
For the most part I have stuck to Steve Shumates build log.
I have read the first quarter of this forum and the last section (too big to go right through) and have hopefully incorporated all of the good suggestion in to my plane ie extra frame under battery tray.