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Posted by FWAL | Oct 26, 2015 @ 06:11 PM | 5,609 Views
Over the weekend I managed to fit the GRP foredeck and Liteply rear deck on Voltage's hull.
The Titan winch a long with the rudder servo have been fitted and just prior to the photo's I started to fit the pop, off hatch. The batteries and rx will be located in a balsa box fixed to the hull floor. This will keep the weight lower and also allow the battery to be moved fore and aft for fine balance tuning.
Posted by FWAL | Oct 12, 2015 @ 04:32 PM | 6,900 Views
Yesterday Harry and I tried out my latest IOM 'A' suit sails. They appeared to fall into shape very easy with minimum fuss so that was a good start. Whilst racing the wind was quite light and coming from all over the shop. Harry had the first trial and at times went very well but being fairly new to the sport he found it tricky keeping a distance between himself and the other seven competitors. After the halftime break we swopped boats and I went on to win the following four races which was quite satisfying. The next major test will be when Harry races the 7Bor and 'mk' sails at the Woodspring's, IOM, SW District Event on November 1st.
I have also fitted the fin/mast case into the Voltage hull. I hope to really press on with this project over the next couple of weeks so I can knock out a couple of new, identical IOM's over the Winter months in readiness for next season.