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Posted by FWAL | Jun 22, 2014 @ 02:54 PM | 4,781 Views
Vertex has been sailed and raced. First impressions are promising, she pointed very well and by comparison wasn't at all sluggish on the runs which is usually my slowest point of sailing. The longitudinal trim requires further tuning as the stern was a little high whilst the bow was too low. I was hoping I had alleviated or at least improved this scenario by moving the rig and fin further aft from the VTX's but the placement of the corrector weight will also have to come into play and for starters will be moved just in front of the mast post. Overall, after 10 races I finished in second place but first out of the non handicappers. The skipper who came first is allowed a 20sec head start and he won 5 races. I think I won 3. This week I'll have a little break from the bench, try and get some flying in and start Vertex's registration and measurement process.
Posted by FWAL | Jun 22, 2014 @ 05:46 AM | 3,989 Views
6 hrs till this Sundays racing starts and Vertex's maiden. The chassis is ready the batteries have been refuelled and it's time to fit the engines for the first time and make a start on the tuning.
Posted by FWAL | Jun 20, 2014 @ 05:08 PM | 4,282 Views
Fitted the winch, continuous loop, rudder servo, pot and bow bumper this evening. Can't wait to sail her. The new winch is also better than expected in respect to speed and accurate, repeated end point positions. At the moment I'm using a spring to keep the tension in the loop but might change to a self tensioning drum in the future. I'll also have to seriously consider replacing the Futaba 3003 rudder servo as there's just a little bit too much slop. But to be fair with my skill level the rudder servo is the least of my problems :>0
Posted by FWAL | Jun 19, 2014 @ 05:06 AM | 4,686 Views
Recently I have sanded, resined, sanded and then sanded some more! I have also fitted the rudder tube, main sheet post, mast ram tube, made the rudder control rod and through deck fairleads for the jib sheet. Yesterday I managed to give the hull it's first coat of 2K paint. It will need at least one more coat but hopefully that should do the job.
Bleu Clair (light blue). I'm very happy with the colour which I mixed using the white from the Edge, my last IOM build and the navy from the BOR which was prior to the Edge. It's therefore pretty unique! I'm aiming to just add water and maiden her this Sunday.
Posted by FWAL | Jun 08, 2014 @ 02:02 PM | 3,948 Views
Today a fishing competition was keeping us from our normal racing venue. So by prior arrangement we visited a neighbouring Clubs lake. This is no ordinary lake! It is man made and is the smaller of two which were quarried to obtain hardcore for the local main road. However, at 400m x 200m it is plenty big enough. The lake is just South of Glyn Neath and nestles almost in the centre of the Neath Valley, South Wales. It's high forest covered sloping sides gently persuade the wind to blow from a Southerly direction with subtle differences in both direction and strength to provide sublime RC yacht racing. I would liken it to the infamous Italian sailing venues of lake Como rather than Garda as the strong gusts are to be found more up the centre of the lake rather than the sides but I'm sure this could change if the wind was from a more Westerly direction.
What would normally be for us a Top Suit conditions at our normal venue and a religious day's racing of praying for continual breeze whilst avoiding the wholly areas (Pun intended) around the shallows and shadows of the surrounding tree's turned out to be perfect Working Suit conditions with high speeds and huge 150m + legs. We have another two visits to Glyn Neath booked this year and I for one can't wait till the next visit.
Posted by FWAL | Jun 04, 2014 @ 08:45 AM | 4,154 Views
Yesterday the foredeck was glued to the hull. I used Gorilla glue on the inwhales and Arildite on the jib thing! both to the foredeck and to the bottom of the hull. This helps to transfer the loads from the rig the hull. Today I have made the winch and rudder servo trays. It's surprising how long it takes but again accuracy is all important as the trays help to distribute the sideways loads between the rig, hull and fin.
I also think it is beneficial and makes a lot of sense to me to keep as much weight as possible close to the yachts CoG / CoB. Therefore, I find it most strange why the Britpop for example has the winch positioned in front of the mast (admittedly quite low in the hull) and the rudder servo behind the mainsheet post positioned quite high in the hull. This distance between the two is fairly large compared to the LWL. When all designers are looking for that extra edge surely small gains add up to bigger advantages so even moving the rudder servo closer to the CoG and lower to the CoB could be beneficial? Keeping the weight close to the yachts CoG prevents hobby horsing, nodding dog syndrome or just put plain & simple the rig pitching the wind out of the sails. If you imagine a sea-saw it rocks up and down much longer with weight on the ends producing the momentum compared to an empty sea-saw.
So with this in mind I have tried to place the control servos as low and as close to the CoG'B as possible.
Posted by FWAL | Jun 01, 2014 @ 01:27 PM | 4,276 Views
Steady but slow progress is being maintained with the Vertex build. We've almost rounded the last mark and should be on the last beat and painting by the end of the week.
So, whats taken so long? The liteply inwhales have been fitted. 5mm wide at the aft end, tapering at the midships to take in account of the shroud plates and 10mm at the joint between the hull and foredeck. The foredeck bulkhead has been cut and fitted along with the kicker and pot wells. The fin and mast case and jib thing! rig tension/hull stiffener have been manufactured. And all balsa and ply parts have received 2c'ts of West resin.