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Posted by LD power | May 08, 2020 @ 01:42 AM | 5,177 Views
LD-power technology now mainly specialied in the inner-run RC Car brushless motor
Production control
  1. Strictly abide by 6S standard production control
  2. 40 refined process during production
  3. Strictly monitoring while processing
  4. Abiding by ď2 Check, 3 Don't "Principle (Recheck, self-check; Don't use defective material; donít make defective products; Donít outflow defective motors)
  5. Advanced production equipment's: Winding machine , Dynamic balance machine , Magnet Sticking machine , Antioxidant salt spray tester , Rockwell hardness tester , Noise tester , High and low Voltage tester
  6. The fully enclosed load test room
Quality control:
1. Strictly material detection: Unified regulated file drawing
2. Precise test tool: plug gauge , Caliper, micro caliper, flux meter, magnifying glass ,dial indicator, height gauge, gauss meter, puncture tester
3. Over 5% detective material, returning back
4. Monitoring important process: Winding, low-resistance test, insulation and voltage resistance test, sample confirm, balance test
5. 3 lines of defense before shipment: No load test(Current, KV, Balance)
6. Load test: (Current, Thrust, Temperature rise, noise, using life)
Posted by LD power | May 08, 2020 @ 01:33 AM | 5,215 Views
The FR series brushless motor is the high-end motor for the competition FPV /UAV

product features :

1. Lightweight, high effiency
2. Special for axle base between 85-100mm, it can fly 30 seconds more than other same device at the same condition

Product appications:

applied for small FPV Which axle base between at 85-100mm, lightweight behind 100g
4000KV--2.4"--four blade 64mm--mywing
20A 4-in-1 Bheli-Dshot ESC
Full thrust 100g

7500KV---1935-five blades 50mm
2030-three blades ,
20A 4-in-1Bheli-Dshot ESC,Full thrust 128g ----3S
Posted by LD power | May 08, 2020 @ 12:56 AM | 5,157 Views
Who we are and what we do:
Rc car/rc airplane/UAV/FPV/Gimbal/Drones
/Multicopter/Agriculture brushless motor supplier
  1. Founded in 2010, ISO9001;2000 certifications Developing & manufacturing & marketing
  2. 1500㎡ plant area, 80 stuff
  3. Our brushless motor used in RC car, rc airplane, UAV, FPV, Gimbal, and rc boat
  4. Providing OEM/ODM service
  5. Our goal: to be the best reliable brushless motor supplier in RC model, UVA copter for franchiser and hobbyist
Our advantages :
  1. The 1 st to develop Micro gimbal motor for Gopro camera
  2. The 1 st to develop power system for the beginners
  3. The 1 st to develop the copter motor with competitive price and remarkable quality
  4. The 80% gimbal motors are produced by LD-power technology
  5. OEM/ ODM for special requirements