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Posted by kinglimburg | May 08, 2021 @ 05:07 AM | 1,801 Views
I am at it again! Garden work is mostly finished.
Covered one wing and the tailsurfaces and test fitted the tail. I only had to do minor adjustments and glued the stabilizer to the fuselage. Test fitted the tailplanes and tested the swing. All went well.

Posted by kinglimburg | Apr 25, 2021 @ 05:19 AM | 3,828 Views

I did not do much on the Mandrake lately, I was ordered to do a lot of gardenwork.
I managed to have the wings ready for covering. The infill on top of the winghalfs to be in line of the fuselage was quite tricky and took a lot of trial and error, meaning : filling and sanding. Splitting the wing for easier transport made it all a lot more difficult but in the end I am pleased with the result.
I hope to put the fuselage together in the next week or so. The tailsurfaces needs some more sanding and filling.
Or club field has reopened but very restricted what time and number of people is concerned. On top of that the weather wasn't very pleasant lately so I did not do any flying up till now.

More soon!
Posted by kinglimburg | Mar 17, 2021 @ 08:22 AM | 11,621 Views
I am busy building the starboard wing . Not very challenging but still the washout needed some thought and I decided to fix the wingroot flat on a chipboard and lifted the tip 6mm at the TE by glueing a strip of wood to the side of the chipboard 6mm proud at one end and lowering the strip to 0 mm at about 60cm from the tip so the TE can rest on the strip over 60cm. All went quite smooth and now I am waiting for the glue, on the topspar and webbing to harden before I will place the top planking and by doing so securing the washout.
I also added the pictures of the tailplane and fin and some of the, first time, sanded fuselage. It will need some more putty and sanding.


PS My benches are always that messy.
Posted by kinglimburg | Mar 12, 2021 @ 10:58 AM | 8,887 Views
No UC!
Covered the fuselage with balsa sheet.
As I did the conical ends with strips of balsa it will need a lot of sanding and filling .
The tailplane is not the usual construction, it hinges around a carbon rod in the middle and has only little throw as the surfaces are rather big.
Quite fiddly!
I need to figure out how to center the wing in the fuselage, the plan does not make any mention of that.
If the weather remain dreadfull I will start with the wings next week. I will try to build in some wash-out, something I never did before.

C U !
Posted by kinglimburg | Mar 07, 2021 @ 06:35 AM | 8,510 Views
Started building the Mandrake from a Jeremy Collins plan found on Outerzone.
Build the fuselage around a carbon 10mm tube which I will cut away partly , at the battery and rx tray, and leave the rest in for strength .
Up till now easy to build, just formed a 1.5mm balsa tube for the mid section of the fuselage over a 90mm dia drain pipe. I will put that on tomorrow.
The cone shaped front and rear part I will do in strips of 2mm balsa to leave a bit more space for sanding.
Shall I put a UC to it or not ??

More to follow!