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Posted by TBY | Apr 12, 2021 @ 04:00 AM | 5,368 Views
In this a small build up log. I’ll go ONLY through the issues in the building manual that I have encountered and can give some advice on (The remarks could be also good for other TOPMODEL CZ models).
I have ordered the ADRIANA glider directly from TOPMODEL CZ shop. It was packed nicely and has arrived in perfect condition.
Building parts quality looks just great.

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Posted by TBY | Mar 02, 2021 @ 07:50 AM | 7,834 Views
A mini review and some small upgrades on the Volantex Phoenix V2 2000mm Wingspan EPO glider.

My Shopping experience:
Bought the first one on Banggood. It went missing somewhere in China 😊
Banggood sent me a second one. Arrived broken☹
The third one I have ordered from https://www.der-schweighofer.at/. It’s under the name “MODSTER PHOENIX V2 2000MM” (same plane) and they had a big discount. This time, it has arrived in mint condition.

What I like:
Plug-in system for the wings on the fuselage using a snap lock (see pic.).
Flap servo is “inverted” (see pic.). You can use two standard servos for flaps with Y connection.
A lot of place in the front fuselage. Got an elevated “balcony” for the receiver (see pic.).
Plastic fuselage.

What I don’t like:
Very low-grade servos. 3 broke after few flights without any hard landings.
A bit heavy and needs about 15gr in the tail for a 3S 2200mah.
Spinner looks a bit flimsy.

Flight experience:
It flies a bit faster than Multiplex EasyGlider.
I do not think that it's very good with thermal soaring. Did not fly a lot so I am not sure about it. Please comment on this if you have other experience.

Some ideas:
Address the servos issue!
If you choose to stay with the original servos: Check servos carefully before each takeoff and
Install servo covers.
There is an opening in the rear end of the body that enables you to add a balancing weight inside the body.
I have added a tube inside the body where the wing rods are (see pic.). That prevents the rods from contacting the servo cables each time I insert them.
I have changed to Aero-naut propeller.

Bottom line, for the right price it is a very nice value for money PNP glider…
Posted by TBY | Mar 01, 2021 @ 05:38 AM | 7,029 Views
FRSKY Archer SR8 PRO has an External Voltage measurement via AIN2. The manual describes this as:
Voltage Measurement Range via AIN2 (External device): 0-36V (Battery Voltage Division Ratio: 1:10).
No other explanations for this feature.
I’ll write down my experience with this option:

The AI2, green cable, will go to the external battery +
The -, black cable, will go to the external battery -

Be aware that this receiver accepts 0-36V. It has its own voltage divider inside. Other receivers might accept lower voltage!!!!
The other issue is the Voltage Division Ratio. The manual declares 1:10 ratio. Setting this sensor up with 1:10 ratio gave me unreasonable outcome.
I have used two batteries (3s and 4s) and a multimeter and started to “play” with the values. For this receiver, the best values were a Ratio of 35 and an offset of 0.57V. Got a good voltage reading for the two measurement points that I used.
My colleague, Lior Zahavi - i3dm, suggested that the difference (ratio) is because I’m using OpenTX.

Hope that this small “how to” helps.

Please feel free to add your division ratio values and/or comment on this issue.

Posted by TBY | Jan 30, 2021 @ 09:32 AM | 8,225 Views
Hello to all ...
Over a year ago, I searched the web for an OPENTX safe engine switch. One that does not allow the engine to be shut down by the switch and does not allow the engine to be opened in full throttle when the switch changes position while throttle is not idle.
I could not find a safe switch and set down to write one.
Attaches a link to a video I made that shows the switch function and an opntx model that includes the switch rules and a timer definition.
Hope that the switch is still needed
Stay safe and healthy
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