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Prandtl - D using Dollar Tree Foam Board

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Over the last two years many others have managed creating various forms of this craft as a glider or a 3d printed plane and been successful.

Through the Aviation RC Noob Podcast, Joe and I have chanced to have a great interview with Red Jensen (Episode 25, Episode 26) who was a chief pilot over much of the Prandlt-D project headed by Albion Bowers. As we prepared for the interview, and doing research about the Neil Armstrong Research Center I saw Different versions so I took a moment to create a simple modification of the plane to change the planform, but not the other key elements.

2-sheet -no waste

The new plane is un-wasted sheets of DTFB. cut longways from 8" to 12" from one side. Then cut off a 1/2 strip from both sides. to build a spar. This allows the construction of the wing half.

The important piece to this puzzle. is how to Place the spar, and how to shape the trailing edges of the wing halves. It is important that the inner section functions like a modified Clark Y, and the outer like a Symmetrical wing, with a twist from +8 AoA on the inner section, and it twist to a -2 AoA at the tips.

Spar line

The spar line on the bottom of the wing should be from ##" to ##" at the wingtip

On the top it must be moved back a 1/4" on the wing root and remain at ##" at the wingtip.

Trailing Edge

Outer edges

The trailing edge treatment is also important. the outer half must bevel the edge in 1&...Continue Reading
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In this episode Matt and Joe provide a quick update on their projects then continue their conversation with Red Jensen.
We talk in depth about the Prandlt-D and Prandlt-M projects, Internships with NASA and What exactly happens where Red Jensen works in the Sub Scale testing Lab at Neil Armstrong Flight Research Center.

ARCN Ep-26 Special Guest Red Jensen Part-2

Prandt-D Picture
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Aviation RC Noob Podcast - Episode 25: NASA's Chief Pilot Red Jensen

An episode so amazing, we couldn't contain in one episode.

Matt and Joe Talk with Guest Red Jensen about how hobbyist, turned NASA Chief Subscale Pilot, work to bring about better aviation in the world through his work and promoting bright young minds through internship opportunities and STEM. We talk about how Red went from award winning pilot, to hobby store owner, to UAV pilot, to NASA Chief Pilot and Subscale specialist, as we talk about Prandlt-D and M and other projects at the Neil Armstrong Flight Research Center where he works. Listen in!
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Want to know more about Depron? It's back in the USA.
Listen to the Aviation RC Noob Podcast with Special Guest Greg Tanous to learn more.

Let us know what *you* have used Depron For.
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Last February, I started the Aviation RC Noob Podcast with my great friend Joe. Just as he started in this great hobby. Naturally

With this podcast we share our journey in the hobby and try to provide meaningful information to help the new hobbyist understand the hobby better, and know you aren't alone.

Start at the beginning and listen to our first Episode:

learn about why we started and what we are trying to do here:

Visit our Website:

Listen in and tell us what you would like to hear about.
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I have entered this hobby from a latent lifelong interest. typical barriers to entry are to blame. Flite Test's Youtube and accessibility changed that.

I will be using this BLOG here to track my attempts to build Balsa models using primarily DTFB.

My first stab at this was with a Minimoa-30 that I build. As the model is so small, using the 3/16" thick material ended up being weigth hinderance, and the small chuck glider, ended up being to heavy for any decent flight. (somewhere around 100g without electronics.)

So I thought - why don't I cut it out of thin FB and see where it goes. below is where it has gone so far! Reading