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Posted by Tom B 1956 | Jan 15, 2014 @ 02:46 PM | 7,219 Views
I have started on the HK version of the 540T EPP.
Balsa EPP skinned 3D Plane 48" wing span. Throws of 60 degrees.

Additional Parts for this Build

Some I already own and will use although there are better pieces out there.

NTM 3536a 910kv motor.
Plush 60 amp ESC
D-19MG servo's
and this extra Eagle Tree 2D/3D stablizer.

The Manual is Pictures with very litlle instructions. Not a big deal every thing is built for the most part. But with that said first step by the manual is to atttach the motor mount to the fuselage.

Step 1.

The motor I choose is 4 mil smaller than what is stamped on the face of the mount. The mount has 3542/2826 for motor pre marked for motor instalation. The 3536a mount just puts the guide holes at the top of each mounting hole. So I have large T pins and used them to align the motor mount bracket and hand drilled 2 of the top mounting holes. Then bolted the mounting bracket to the motor mount. Then drilled the last two holes.

Step 2.
I bolted the motor to the motor mount and test fitted the motor mount to the fuselage. since the Cowl is not adjustable and locks to the fuslage flush. I put that on and measured the distance the prop hub is from the front edge of the Cowl. I will add 4.5 mil spacer to the motor bracket to get the motors prop hub to sit 2 mils out of the cowl for spinner clearance.

Step 3.
Inspecting the motor mount. I noticed an air gap in the laser cut key on the top of the motor mount that need to be...Continue Reading
Posted by Tom B 1956 | Nov 05, 2013 @ 10:31 AM | 7,542 Views
The parts
Motors NTM 2826/1200kv 17amp continuous B28-47-22S 1800kv In runner
Props: MAS 7x4x3
ESC : Castle Creations Talon 35 amp
Servos: HighTec 82mg
Receiver Futaba 7chn
Things in work
Motors mounting using provided motor mount but installed backwards. Going to use motor power wires with the little board but only to run power to ESC that are going to be mounted in the motor nacelles. Servos in normal mounting locations.

Sanding all bumps off the entire plane. Using Dap lightweight filler to fill any dents. Going to use enconokote to cover the the plane.

Wings have been sanded and filler applied. Giving a day to fully harden. Rudder and Elevator next. Will cover those four pieces before mounting hardware. Before installing in fuselage. Will keep wings a two piece easier to store And transport.

As for fuselage. Going to fill linkage runs with with the lightweight filler. And sand and cover after mounting that little board and servos. Covering it with econokote.
Lots of work to be done and can't go to fast have to be careful to not over heat the Elapor.

My Irons have been tested for temp settings and will verify temp using temp meter. Wings, tail, and elevator are going to be to hard. Mostly flat surfaces. The fuselage nose is very rounded so covering it may be the challenge for me on this project.
Posted by Tom B 1956 | Aug 21, 2013 @ 01:53 AM | 5,959 Views
Started the T-Clips today. Following the instructions almost to the letter.

There prototype is what I based this build after.

Power plant - E-Fight Power 32.
ESC - Castle Creations Phoenix Edge 75. Firm updated to newest version.
Servos. HS422's

Reciever Futaba R7008B.
Telemetry for external and Bec.

I love Sig ARFs Well Built. And all hardware is top quality.
Steps that have been completed.

Ailerons glued into the wings servos installed and checked.
Landing Gear installed and wheel covers
Elevator glued to horizontal stab, control horn attached.
Elevator measured from wing tip to back edge of the horizontal stab a billion times and mounted. Verified and rechecked till the expoy started to harden.

Pictures provided

Tom B.
Posted by Tom B 1956 | Jul 26, 2013 @ 07:56 AM | 11,156 Views
I have started a build on a Bixler 2 Kit.

Parts list in addition to the kit


D2826-6 2200kv, There has been allot of discussion over this motor. I am going to use mine for a fun fly light acrobatics and camera platform. So the Payload will always be light. If I was going to put a full autopilot system or Autopilot/FPV Heavy payload in the airframe I would choose a lower KV motor but staying in the D2826 class of motor. And swing a larger prop for lift capability.

Motor mount

I purchased a Small part CNC motor mount for Bixler 2 and will pin the tube.


Pretty easy to figure which one will work the best. you can use ecalc to get to a close figure then up it by 25% and you should never have an issue. The D2826-6 is capable of 342Watts to achieve this you need to swing a 7x3 prop using a 3s Lipo batttery around 40C. The motor and a 7x3 prop will only carry about 50% of the ESC I am going to use. HK Plush 60 amp.

Prop master screw 7x 3 prop

2 aileron servo's Metal gear.
4 HXT 900 for Flaps,elevator and rudder.

to be added to wing to hold wings to fusealge.

Surface changes.

Extended the rudder by aprox 1" covered in yellow trim, Vertical stab 2 3mm CF tubes inserted from the bottom of the stab, A 3mm tube in the horizonal stab the strengthen it. No mod to elevator. The elvator and rudder servos moved aft place where the diameter is about the same as servos layed across the center line of fuselage. CF tube in each servo tube and the stock one in the bottom to arrest tube twist.

Rudder trimed out with blue trim. HK decals removed. No offense meant HK.

Landing Gear

Mains from HK for the Bixler Mount provided.
Tail wheel is dubro product steerable attached to rudder by thin wire going through the hinged edge of the elevator.

Add my own Color scheme to the wings and fuselage.
Posted by Tom B 1956 | Apr 30, 2013 @ 09:02 AM | 4,860 Views
Further info. I use to Fly along time ago. Back in my Navy days from late 77 through end of 79. I was trained by an older gent who flew mode 1. I built a Das Ugly Stik it was my only plane. It had a straight wing, Enya .60. No buddy box back then that I remember. The field I flew out of was in San Diego near the border. And on my pay that's was all I could afford. Time goes on. I started back. Mode 2 and its much easier now 2.4 gig radios. Planes out of EPP foam. Still I am building my own Plane. I have no fear of lose with a foam plane. This site for asking dumb questions about this hobby. And I'm using a Bixler 2 as a first plane to fly. While I build a RCM's version of a My Stik. (Converting it to electric, modifying the nose enclosing the engine). Also purchased a ARF T-Clip's from Sig. Due in July. Should be a fun plane also. More later.

When your single and live in a 1 bedroom apt. The dinning area is converted too a building area. Two base kitchen cabinets with a 30"x72" solid core door. Kitchen table converted to battery charging area soldering station and cutting area. Under the bench is a microwave cart with Mini table saw, scroll saw, drill press, dremel, and a drill and bits. Next to the bench is a three drawer tool box top shelf hand tools, below that is hardware screw and bolts. The next drawer has irons and hot air gun and the bottom drawer has clamps misc tools. The kitchen cabinets draws on the left side hold sanding blocks and rulers and...Continue Reading