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Posted by TechJunkieRC | Nov 24, 2014 @ 07:38 PM | 3,891 Views
My homemade Beaver Skis. Not the prettiest but they work well!

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I have them rigged up for flying with springs to keep the nose of the skis elevated. I will add a new picture when I mount them up this season. I didn't get it done before removing them this spring.
Posted by TechJunkieRC | Feb 08, 2014 @ 09:01 PM | 7,139 Views
I will be traveling to Hawaii for work the first of March. In planning the trip with my wife I decided I would love to take my Phantom. We will be there for two weeks and I am will have time to fly.

Over the two weeks we will be on several different Islands so in all we will have five flights. I wanted a case that would carry my Phantom and allow me to put it in the overhead bin on the larger planes and gate check it on the smaller ones. I searched and came up with three candidates: Pelican 1510, Storm IM2500 and the Nanuk 935. I could not find any reviews or pictures of the Nanuk 935 being used for a Phantom. What drew me to the Nanuk was the slightly larger internal width and length dimensions of: L20.5" x W11.3" x H7.5". The Pelican is L19.75" x W11.00" x H7.60". The Nanuk 935 overall is: L22.0" x W14.0" x H9.0" while the Pelican 1510 is: L22.0" x W13.81 x H9.00". This makes both the Nanuk and Pelican Carry-On size for the largest number of airlines who allow carry on luggage up to: L22.00" x W14.00" x H9.00". It is also mu understanding that this is the size of the test boxes at check in.

I only mention the StormIM2500 at this point because while a great case it's external dimensions are: L21.70" x W14.10" x H8.90". This makes the width .01" too large. Would this matter? Probably not but I felt better knowing my case should fit if I am every asked to put it in...Continue Reading
Posted by TechJunkieRC | Mar 03, 2013 @ 07:23 PM | 3,830 Views
Really love my Bixler 2. Being new to RC Airplanes I have taken it one step at a time. My first lesson was altitude is your friend. Both minor "unexpected landings" I have had have both been from being too close to the ground. Watching a Flite Test You Tube video I heard Josh Bixler mention flying two mistakes high. I also read it on one of the post here on RCGroups. I have progresses to flying higher and higher and further away. I have also started loops, rolls and stalls. Man this is fun!. Even though I still consider myself a new pilot with only two months under my belt I am beginning to understand why many look for a little more powerful motor for the Bixler 2. The stock motor is more than sufficient to learn but once you start looking for quick climbs and such the stock motor just doesn't have the punch. I can't complain on batter life, however. A 2200 mHa battery can last 20 - 25 minutes depending on throttle use. Much less if kept at near full power. Ask me how I know!

I would definitely buy the Bixler 2 again. Great trainer and a lot of fun after you have learned. A little power plant transplant may be in order some day but may just run the stocker until it give up the ghost.