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Posted by 03svtsnakevert | Jan 23, 2013 @ 06:30 AM | 6,244 Views
Well went to the GAMA Swap Meet in Georgetown, TX this past weekend and sold some planes and picked up a couple of others...One of which is an FB Models 25% Yak that I am going to put my DLE 30 in...I couldn't find anything on these planes and was wanting to know if anyone knew anything about them...My guess is that they are Chinese. Really nice looking plane.

I also bartered and traded for a 80" Piper J3 Cub with a Saito 100 on it...Can't wait to fly this one...I always have a soft spot for the Cubs!!! All in all it was fun, however buyers were scarce and they always wanted whatever you had for nothing, which is okay as long as they barter.

It was funny because some were very interested in my planes, but wanted to wait until the end of the swap meet like I would make some cut-throat deal...Got news for ya, I have no problem with loading these back up and taking them home. As luck would have it on these individuals, the planes sold before they came back to pick them up.

Probably going to attend the Weatherford swap meet coming up in March as they say this is a big event.

Happy Flying!!
Posted by 03svtsnakevert | Jan 29, 2012 @ 08:40 PM | 6,845 Views
Well a beautiful day and got in some flying and two maidens!! Maiden my 3DHS 55" extra shp with a torque motor and WOW! What an animal! I love how it flies...will def get some more time with this one

Then I maidened my hangar 9 spitfire with a saito 100 and it flew great! Great power awesome sound! We were flying out at a large open field that works great! My dad got to maiden his new se5a from park zone and had a great time!

We normally have the area to ourselves but this time there was another pilot out there so I made a new friend and got some flying in with him...I would say great day overall!!!
Posted by 03svtsnakevert | Jan 27, 2012 @ 11:49 PM | 6,825 Views
Well, I went to GAMA this past weekend and had a blast!! I sold two planes and a heli and ended up buying my first 1/4 Scale Sig Extra 300XS...It has a Saito 180 golden knight on it...everything seems to work well on it...Can't wait to CG it and maiden her (at least maiden for me)...She has been taken care fairly well and everyone is telling me that the Sig Extra 300XS is/was a good bird...I'll post some pics up later!
Posted by 03svtsnakevert | Mar 20, 2011 @ 04:44 AM | 7,971 Views
While I was in Dallas that weekend picking up that Electrostik, a gentleman brought in a really nice H9 Ultra Stick 60 with an os .61...the plane was beautiful...he was wanting a MINT for it and put it on consignment at the hobby shop...my uncle, who has been in the hobby for 35+ years, talked to the guy and he stated that he was selling the stick to buy an Ultimate bipe...my uncle tells him that he has an ultimate bipe that he would trade him for his set up and cash...well, needless to say a deal was struck...the next morning I go over to visit my grandmother before heading back home and my uncle has the plane... I get to really look it over well and he tells me I should buy it from him and he asks for a ridiculously LOW price...I agree and the next weekend I picked it up from him...I can't wait to fly this baby!! I now have a nice mix for electrics and nitro powered planes!! Can this hobby get any better?
Posted by 03svtsnakevert | Mar 09, 2011 @ 02:55 AM | 8,434 Views
Went to Dallas this past weekend to A-1 Hobbies in Mesquite...Really enjoyed meeting Paul the owner and, of course, had to purchase a plane...just bought an Electrostik and put it together yesterday...really love how the plane went together, with the exception of the wings...really tight, but that can be a good thing...my uncle who has been flying and building for approximately 30+ years picked a really nice Ultra Stick 60 with an OS 61 on it that he will be bringing down to me this weekend and I will be buying that as well...can't wait...this is such a disease, one is NEVER enough...eyeballing HL's Zero may have to pick one of those up too!