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Posted by flitelab | Jan 26, 2012 @ 07:41 AM | 32,885 Views
flitelab.com came out of my growing interest in RC, and more specifically, the multi-rotor area of the hobby. With the DIY approach of most RC projects and the niche segment of multi-rotors, it is an on-going challenge to find the best components and get them shipped to Canada in a reliable and timely fashion, not knowing what surprises might arise from customs and related fees along the way. With so many options coming out on a regular basis from all corners of the world, it is often a “try and hope” approach to see what you get after placing an order and not knowing how long the wait might be for it to arrive.

To help address these issues and help give something back to the hobby for other Canadian hobbyists, flitelab.com was born. Taking the ever-growing research knowledge and trial & error usage of various components, we hope to bring a selection of good quality, useful products directly to Canada, creating a source within the country, and help reduce some of the headaches and delays noted above for both those established and new to the hobby.

We will be carrying the Quadrino multiwii board as our main controller. In addition we are also the Canadian distributor for the OpenPilot CopterControl board, however supply on these is very limited and sporadic so not something we will have in stock at all times (typically they sell out in hours with other resellers when a new batch comes out).

The VC-450 from Hoverthings.com will be our main frame. It is a very well...Continue Reading

YouTube Channel

Posted by flitelab | Jul 15, 2011 @ 12:25 PM | 32,545 Views
Just a quick post to my YouTube channel where I post various flight videos and related.