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Posted by FR4-Pilot | Jun 03, 2020 @ 02:54 PM | 10,167 Views
After a few years of learning with Proto-X quads, Eachine FatBees and E-Flite Inductrixes (original, Plus and brushless), I decided to give this guy a try:

F54 (4 min 6 sec)

3 BLADE GREEN 3S 4 3 C x264 (4 min 11 sec)
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Posted by FR4-Pilot | Feb 09, 2020 @ 12:27 AM | 10,042 Views

TH2FS finally showed up

Tried to bind it to my old Futaba 7UAFS 72Mhz transmitter with FrSky DFT 2.4G module, just to see what happens. It bound to it, but once in BetaFlight there was no receiver activity, no matter what combination of things were tried. I got nervous since I had accidentally pressed the BOOT button numerous times instead of the BIND button on the other side of the FC board. Was able to do a test-bind with Mike's FrSky transmitter to verify the quad does work and I haven't hosed anything, yet

I have a RedCon R720X DSMX receiver that I'll be using with this quad. It will require complete disassembly as the solder pads for RX1, GND and 3.3V are on the bottom side of the flight controller board. And, there is a capacitor soldered across the 3.3V and GND pads by Emax (not shown this way in the user manual) that needs to stay.

While I have the quad apart I will go directly to a XT30 power connector as well. Along with the quad I bought 2 450mAh, 2 525mAh, and 2 550mAh lipos to see which one's I like the best, all with XT30 connectors.

I need to come up with some way to keep the flight controller and the motors from moving during the surgical process since everything has to be removed from the bottom plate (frame). Thinking of borrowing Joshua Bardwell's technique of using a blue sticky-putty compound to hold everything in place ... we'll see how that goes. The motor wires are pretty fragile and I don't want to break any if a motor accidentally dangles or something.

Here we go .... !
Posted by FR4-Pilot | Jun 13, 2019 @ 05:26 PM | 6,001 Views
11-27-20 DSMX version on the way

Posted by FR4-Pilot | May 01, 2019 @ 05:50 PM | 5,448 Views
Since the Beta85 Pro 2 didn't work out (either of them) let's try this little guy next ... This one has a current sensor

Posted by FR4-Pilot | Jul 25, 2018 @ 11:47 AM | 2,957 Views
Pretty good deal from Costco - Get the drone package, plus extra battery, 32G microSD card, and carrying case for $10 less than the price of the basic drone package

Nearly the same size as the GepRC CineQueen 4K: