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Posted by old4570 | Dec 22, 2018 @ 07:41 PM | 3,588 Views

The Ripit Rev2 is moving forward ..
Next I have to do the Servos and controls + Rx and battery ..
The servos will be soldered directly to the Rx as will a battery plug
So hopefully get on with that ASAP ..

So far the build is about 35 grams , and I was trying really hard to go lite !
I would love to build something in the 30 gram neighbourhood .

Hmmm , might be hard to beat the UMX Whipit ..
Certainly the Whip could be reduced to the 30 gram neighbourhood ( me thinks )

This depron might be on the miss piggy side of materials ( foam )
Oh well , next micro DLG will be balsa wood .. I think I have some light sheets that have been aged about 2 decades or more . ( might be dry by now )

2 Days folks ( 2 Days )

Posted by old4570 | Dec 21, 2018 @ 11:44 PM | 3,279 Views
3 Days

It be windy outside . so !

A) Did some work on the XK A800 , found a elevator issue - fixed
B) KN / WLtoys for the protocol - Jumper T12 will be in charge from now on .

C) Emax Baby Hawk
1) XM Rx soldered in place
2) Firmware tuned
3) Tx @ 40 Expo / 60 Rates - Nice ....
4) 2 Batteries so far indoors
5) Still need to tune FPV goggles to the Emax

D) Being restricted by the weather to indoor RC , Ripit Rev2 is on it's way .
Moving along rather quickly compared to Rev1
Ammmmm ,

Wing is made up of two layers of Depron (3mm ) glued together , with a carbon spar ( .5 x 3mm )
Wing came out @ 17.2 grams after laminating film applied .
Wow , thats more than I wanted .

Next micro DLG HAS TO BE Balsa !!! ....
But I will take the Rip Rev2 to completion .. One needs the practice .

Oh - 3 Days till Christmas ( Xmas for some )
Posted by old4570 | Dec 20, 2018 @ 08:00 PM | 3,404 Views

Yes ! 4 Days till Christmas ( Xmas to some )

XK A800

I was really worried the controller would bit the big one , and it does bite the big one !
In a word it's a TOY Tx and nothing more .
I tried very hard to be smooth when flying the A800 and it was just not possible .
You have two speeds , very little and more . ( Stick input )

If you try to use a small amount of stick the turn radius is large and when you try to add a little more = Nothing happens !
Until you reach the point where you suddenly get maximum control input and the A800 literally jerks into a tighter manoeuvre . ( ?? )
It does make using the controller - less than rewarding .

What compounded the situation was probably the less than ideal flying conditions , was windy / gusty . And with trees around the turbulence was very noticeable , making keeping the A800 in the air challenging .

Now , Yes I did smack the ground a few times as the A800 seemed to want to do it's own thing . That flight stabilisation , I could not turn it off and some times when the wind got the model . It was very much guess work and pot luck as to what would happen .
I did mention I smacked the ground a few times , heck I even cart wheeled it across the park twice . The model itself is strong . How many models can cart wheel across a park and not be damaged ?

I was flying for about 20 minutes and then I got a little worried about the battery and thought it time to sashay on home . I did check the battery (...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Dec 20, 2018 @ 01:03 AM | 2,734 Views
Oh yeah ! 5 Days to go !

The Emax Baby Hawk is my last purchase for myself for Christmas ( Xmas for some ) .
I did order some nick knacks , for DIY fun .

Plan is to build some more DLG / HLG . The RIP is proving itself to be half decent for what was essentially a Lark !
So if I actually try to put in some effort to do things properly (?)
Balsa or foam ?
Maybe one of each ?

Also HK has some carbon tube , I got me one 10mm tube that would really work well with say a 1 to 1.2 meter DLG / HLG .
I ordered another 10mm Tube as well a 6mm Tube , unfortunately they were out of the 8mm Tube ..

Just wish I could get my hands on some more V911 flight boards , oh well I don't fly my V911 any more so might cannibalise it for the board .
Just ordered a trick looking capacitor glider , that just might lend itself to RC . The others are small and flimsy , but this one (?)

5 Days everyone ..
And I just saw this fantastic Quad deal @ GB , so hope everyone is watching for those deals .
I'm all quad'ed out , ....

So there you go
5 Days , I just hope the stuff I ordered for my family gets here before Christmas .
How bad would it be if the stuff is a few days late
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6 Days Till Christmas ......

Raven DLG ..

Today I got balancing .
Had to move the CG forward as the Raven is really Elevator sensitive and flies with a decent amount of Down elevator .
Had to make a extension cable for the new / Larger / heavier / 1s battery .

The weather is trying it's best to replicate a South East Asian jungle .. ( Humid as hell )
And I really can't stand humidity , too much like having a 10 ton truck parked on my lungs .
Just wares me down almost instantly .
Anyhow ! The raven is ready to ( maybe ) be broken again ..

Stuff !
Those Christmas goodies !
Yeah , I think I may have over indulged = ME !!!!

HK A800 , I really want to park this ASAP , just soo many toys to play with .
I just hope I have been a good boy !
2018 = Bad weather , not sure . but maybe the worst year ever for RC (?) Flying in anyway .

6 Days Everyone .
Posted by old4570 | Dec 17, 2018 @ 09:31 PM | 5,703 Views

Some may know the UMX Whipit broke it's Back .
But now it's back !

7 Days till Christmas !
I took the Whip to the park . And just as I stepped outside the house the wind picked up .
But you know ! It's 7 days till Christmas and I thought , no way man , the Whip is going to the park .

I was able to trim the Whip without problems for cruise and launch .
But the wind was really pushing the Whip around .
The park has this South facing slope ? , and the wind was coming from the South .
Hmmm , would the Whip slope off such a small gentle incline ?
Hell I was at the park !

Just as I got to the top of the hill / slope the wind became ? strange ..
It was there , it wasn't there .

I didn't get any slope action until the wind picked up and became a nice steady blow .
Actually got in all of 30 seconds of sloping ..

Oh well ? As I was about to go home the Sun came out and it suddenly warmed up ( Summer here ) .
I launched the Whip and actually hit a thermal !
I made some two more passes through the thermal and it then vanished ...

30 seconds of slope action and 3 passes through a thermal = Better than nothing I guess .
At least I got a bunch of exercise
I really was exhausted when I got home ( The humidity just crushes me )

Stuff = DYS ELF FPV micro quad 2s ...
I need some connectors for the battery so I can charge on the hobby charger .
Hmmm , Christmas goodies !

Speaking off Christmas

Christmas Sale Sitewide 15% Off coupon code: XMAS2018 , 15% off @ fasttech.com
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Wow , where the heck did the year go ?

8 Days till Christmas Folks ( Xmas to some )

And here we are with another Christmas ( Xmas to some ) bearing down on us like a steam train !
I hope everyone took advantage of the pre - Christmas ( Xmas to some ) sales period .

Oh Goody !
Something arrived before Christmas ( Xmas to some ) .
This year , I was a little disappointed with the Sales ! ( What Sales ? )
But one company was playing the game and they got a large chunk of my Christmas fund ( Xmas to some ) .
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The Black Project ....

Phenix 60 EDF'ed (1 min 48 sec)

This was a learning experience for sure .
In so many ways it was done wrong !

The little voice in my head said move the EDF further to CG , but the dumb dumb got in the last word . ( )
Now it takes a 1700mAh battery to get CG

I think the project was a bad idea from the start , it was never going to be anything but a brick .
But from the perspective of a learning experience ( getting schooled ) .
So the question now is = Will it fly ?
CG is about right , there is some thrust , but if only it was 100 grams lighter !

Bush League Modz

I have all these little quads and mini / micro DLG's now and I am getting lazy .
Getting out the hobby charger for every little battery ?
Oh man ! Just can't be bothered .

So in the wayback machine there was this little charger for 16340 - 10440 batteries that is USB .
And I remember it was a low current charger and I thought .. !!!!
Why not make a multi plug insert for the charger ( be 4.2v charger ) , so I can charge my little batteries ( 1s ) .

A) Components = Plastic lolly pop stick , bullet connectors and some leads / plugs for batteries .
B) Solder in place the leads to the bullet connectors ..
C) Glue the bullet connectors to your lolly pop stick ( cut to length )
D) tape it up and maybe colour code it .. ( Red for + , black for - )

And that's it ! A multi battery charger for small batteries that is bush league easy to do and use ..
Posted by old4570 | Dec 13, 2018 @ 07:46 PM | 2,813 Views
11 Days till Christmas ( Xmas to some )

Ripit Update .

Replaced the music wire for the rudder .
I put in originally a U bend in the wire for tweaking alignment , but turns out it was a spot for flexing . So the rudder was soft .
Replaced and now I have rudder .

I also put a decent sized nut on the front of the model to move the CG forward .
The Rip flies so much better for it . Chalk and cheese .

Raven Update .

Went to the park to peg it . ( peg launch )
Oh boy , launches really nice I have to say .
CG is too far back , I went for the factory recommendation and No ( no no no ) .
Going to try and move the CG forward at least 10mm .

Broke the Raven again .
This time the vertical fin broke along the bottom of the carbon boom .
Its been given a injection of cyno , so hopefully fixed ( even the carbon in the fin broke )

Flying weight , mine comes in right at about 150 grams wet .
And so far :

A) The tail area seems very fragile .
B) Launches so nicely
C) Factory CG recommendation = ??????????
D) Retail Price = I think it's too high for what you get ( Sorry )
E) Maybe a ARF version for $100
F) The raven has serious potential I think . ( Butt ) Are they going to develop it and address issues ?

EDF update !

My 30mm ED came ...
And I have started a new EDF project ..

30mm EDF from Banggood (1 min 33 sec)

Posted by old4570 | Dec 09, 2018 @ 09:33 PM | 3,148 Views

Sent for review by Gearbest.com
Discount Coupon ( GBold4570 )

Dimension: 18177mm (LWH)
Weight: 2g/ 2.4g (with two antennas)
Number of Channels:16CH (1-4CH PWM from conventional channel outputs, 1-16CH from SBUS OUT port)
Operating Voltage Range: 3.5V-10V
Operating Current: [email protected]
Operating Range: >2km
Servo Frame Rate: 9ms (HS—High Speed Mode)/18ms (FS—Normal Speed Mode)

For testing I was sent the Frsky RX4R from Gearbest.com .
I was very interested in this receiver for DLG purposes and it's possible 1s capability making for a very light Rx solution .


Please dont forget that the servos always plug into the Rx negative to the middle or signal wire on the outside .
The bind button is very small ( diminutive ) , at first I missed it completely . I needed something to magnify the board with to actually spot it , some one must be getting old or this thing is small .

Voltage Testing

I really wanted to see how low the voltage could go before the RX4R browned out . Factory say's 3.5v and I wont argue with them . But in my tests I got the Rx down to 3.2v with a 500mAh maximum current setting on my power supply . This is the lowest any Rx has gone I have tested so far , especially at the 500mAh setting . Now I thought I might throw some other servos at it from my normal analogue servos . I just received some digital servos from HK so I thought , lets give them a try .

The RX4R browned out straight away .
With the Rx getting 3.2v ,...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Dec 07, 2018 @ 08:05 PM | 2,915 Views

With the recent sales I ended up with a Hobby King Raven .
Hmmm , where to start .. ?

Hinge Tape - The stuff used on the Ailerons is so stiff ..

A) The servos groan under the load .
B) The ailerons twist and bend stretching the covering
C) A carbon control horn broke lose

Obviously I had to remove it ( Hinge tape ) , simply horrendous stuff in my opinion .

The servos .. They don't centre well at all ..

Spring pull on elevator ..
Initially I thought it way soft , but seems to work ok as is for now .

I put in a RX4R receiver and a small 1s battery to get the CG pretty spot on for factory recommendation .
Use coupon code ( GBold4570 ) to get it cheaper at Gearbest ( RX4R Rx ) .
There will be a review on the RX4R posted shortly .

Chuck Testing

I took the Raven out for some chuck tests and trimming .
With all control surfaces straight the Raven pulled up when given a chuck .

Initially my Ailerons were set to 35% throw and my elevator was also set to 35%
The Ailerons were lack lustre at best and I increased throw to 45% .
The elevator was very sensitive and I put in some expo , I ended up with some 40% Expo when I had to come home . ( The Raven Broke )
Also my elevator has a serious amount of down trim for the Raven to glide straight and level . ( ? )

The Raven Broke

I was wondering about the vertical stabiliser and just how much of a weak spot it might be .
And weak it is .
On my very first landing I heard a crack .
A few landings more...Continue Reading
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Sent for review by Fasttech.com

Part 4 :

Jumper T12 Li-ion Battery .

Turnigy 1.8 12c ( 1800mAh ) 64mm x 50mm x 14mm

Well , I thought it might fit without having to mod the case . I was wrong , the cabling / wires coming out of the battery stopped the battery hatch from closing . So there was no choice , I had to mod the case . Opening up the T12 I decided to cut one corner out of the battery compartment . This would give me the needed space to run this battery pack .

Im a little surprised that the recess for the battery is stepped this way ( narrow at the bottom ) as there is plenty of room in the T12 to accommodate
a larger battery compartment .

The mod itself is relatively simple . There are 4 screws holding the battery compartment to the back of the case . Remove the screws and cutting out a corner becomes childs play . I also had to remove one of the posts for the screws from the back cover . Now the battery fits really well .

Some range testing .

DSM2 ( 22 ) - Redcon CM621 - Range tests on about par with other receivers at around the 15 to 20 meter mark in range test mode .

DSMx ( 22 ) Redcon RM601 50 meters in range test mode .

FrSky RX4R .. 50 meters in range test mode ( as far as I can test ) .

So far I really like the T12 .

I have the T8SG plus and Lite . The T12 would be my Jumper of choice .
The T12 is simply a fantastic companion Tx if you already use a full size OpenTx transmitter .
It just makes so much sense .

Thank you Fasttech.com for sending me the T12 , it really is all that and then some .

Part 1 of the review
Part 2 of the review
Part 3 of the review
Posted by old4570 | Dec 05, 2018 @ 07:07 AM | 3,015 Views

Coupon code: GBold4570
Price will be $29.99 after using the coupon.

Receiver is currently under testing/review .. But GB sent me a Discount Coupon to be used , why wait for the review ?
Posted by old4570 | Dec 01, 2018 @ 09:53 PM | 3,101 Views
A few things have happened ..

1st / Got me a Phoenix 1600 from Hobbyking - Was cheap ! ..
Had to replace the motor as the original cooked really well .
It's ready for some decent weather .

2nd/ Got me a HK Mig29 - Foam board Mig
Put my 64mm EDF in it and the EDF promptly went pop during a extended engine test run .
Was buttery smooth before the pop , then ran like a washing machine .
I tried to balance the EDF again , but ??? Looks like I need to take it out again ..
Ran smooth outside the model , but as soon as it went in , too much washing machine action ..
The HK 64 EDF me thinks is just too soft / flexible ..
Needs sorting out ...

3rd/ Broke my Whipit !
I kid you not , the pod broke in half ..
Me thinks strengthening the wing and giving it a peg just transfered stress to the pod .
Broke close to where the carbon boom ends ..
Fixed now ..
Glued the pod back together , then used the laminating film on it ..
Got rid of the hatch , now covered by laminating film .
Also put more lightening holes in the plastic nose cap .
Whip now weighs 47.6 grams ..

4th/ That foam safe glue ( insta cure ) is slower than 5 minute epoxy to cure .. ( PITA )

5th/ There will be a 4th part to the Jumper T12 ..
I ordered a Lipo I hope fits really well ( I hope )
Should be here on the morrow .
Then I can do a short squirt on the battery and hopefully do some range testing .

6th/ The Ripit glides ..
1st time out I broke the foam nose cone ....Continue Reading
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Jumper T12 Part 3

I have been using the Jumper T12 as much as possible in the last week or so in an attempt to not just evaluate the Tx but also run down my AA batteries till a problem arises . Now the general consensus is that the module requires 5v to operate within parameters or problems may arise , problems like brown outs or complete loss of contact with the Rx and possibly range issues .

I was out flying my DIY micro DLG and all was going OK till the rudder refused to work at all . At the time I did not think to check the voltage , but the Tx was running in the 4.6v range . So it does not look like you have a lot of voltage to play with if you decide to go the AA route . I have ordered a 2s lipo as I am really starting to like the T12 a lot and plan to use the Tx on a very regular basis .

The T12 is a small Tx and feels small in the hand . But the only real issue for me is the soft gimbals . I especially don’t care for a soft throttle stick and I want some tension on it so I can use my rudder without inadvertently adjusting my throttle . Opening the T12 is relatively straight forward , you just need to remove the 6 screws that hold the case together . Then you need to open the battery cover and remove some tabs / inserts that sit on the shoulders of the transmitter . To remove these you need something like a butter knife to gently pry the tabs up and pop them lose . Thankfully Jumper has decided not to connect anything to the...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Nov 24, 2018 @ 10:28 PM | 4,021 Views

Sent for review by fasttech.com >Product page

With the module in the T12 I was not able to bind to my JJRC H36 or to my Eachine E010 micro quads . Now did I read somewhere that this was due to some sort of frequency crystal variable Bla Bla …

Now I just happen to own a few transmitters as you would expect from anyone who has been in the RC hobby for any length of time . My Turnigy 9XR pro has been running Open Tx for a while now with a iRangeX multi protocol module and I have been rather happy with the combo . So obviously I had to try the jumper module in the 9XR pro and the very first model to bind to ? It just had to be the Eachine E010 micro quad . You can understand my surprise when I got an instant bind with the Jumper module in the 9XR pro . The next micro quad had to be the JJRC H36 which had also failed to bind to the T12 . And once again I got an instant bind .
Since the protocols come from the module and not the transmitter ? , I have to wonder about the discrepancy . My suspicions are it might be a Tx Firmware issue . I have this quad , the WL Toys Q333 that simply refuses to bind to any Tx other than the IR8M which has serious range issues . I just had to try for a bind with the 9XR pro Jumper module combo and colour me purple , if I did not get a instant bind .
To test my theory on the firmware , I installed my iRangeX module in the T12 and tried to bind to the Eachine E010 . No bind . This module has never failed to bind before to the...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Nov 22, 2018 @ 01:39 AM | 3,791 Views

Sent for review by fasttech.com , current price @ fasttech = $91.35 USD

A quick note about fasttech.com .. To get the latest greatest price ( if there is a better price than quoted )
1. Add the product to the cart
2. Point the mouse to the trolley at the top bar and click view cart
3. Click have a coupon code and type – map

Jumper T12

Working voltage: DC 5-DC9V (factory with 4*AA battery box, 2s Lipo recommended, batteries not included)
• Firmware: OpenTX
• Channels: up to 12 channels (depending on the receiver)
• Display: 1.7-inch LCD display, 128* 64 resolution
• Gimbal Type: Potentiometer
• JR/FrSKY compatible module bay on rear side
• Upgrade method: USB online upgrade
• Simulator mode: 3.5mm standard ppm output or USB HID

All I can say is what an interesting transmitter . To get started one has to install batteries and to do that all you do is gently pull at the top of the tab on the battery cover . Just a gentle pull outward and down and it should pop open . A lot of folk are going with 2s lipo packs but I have decided to stick with AA for now and see how things go .

If you go the AA route you may find the transmitter beeping a voltage warning at you . So the first thing you need to do is go into the menu and change to voltage range for the low voltage warning . I changed mine to 4.6v .

Voltage warning range .
Press and hold the power ( on – off ) button till the...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Nov 21, 2018 @ 05:30 PM | 2,507 Views
Fasttech.com >
Btw Letting you know that we are doing a site-wide 15%off promotion with code THANKS15 on Black Friday (Today)
and site -wide 10% off promotion with code CYBER10 on Cyber Monday ( Next Monday).

Frsky Taranis Q x7 - $94.99

Virhuck V-6 RC Drone with 1080P camera - $139.99

Happymodel Mobula7 75mm Crazybee F3 Pro OSD 2S Whoop - $95.99

FlySky FS-i6 i6 2.4G 6CH AFHDS RC Radio Transmitter - $37.59 ( Without Rx )
Posted by old4570 | Nov 19, 2018 @ 10:30 PM | 3,569 Views

This is not a review !
Came this morning , @ 64mm EDF .

A) There were no screws for mounting the motor to the EDF ??? ( Whats going on Hobbyking )
B) Tightening the blades to the motor shaft , nope .. Really hard to achieve ..
C) EDF body is a little flimsy , you really need the induction lip glued in place ..
D) Vibration ! , traced back to the nose cone ..

3s -
Using my Predator 40A ESC I saw a full 40A and then some at full power ..
It really has some thrust at this power level ..

Thrust starts at about 5A and by the time you get to 10A there is decent thrust .
At 15A the thrust is getting serious .. At 40A the thrust is very impressive to this EDF noob .
At 40A there was no cooking , but there was some warmth ..

2s -

At maximum power I saw some 26A and the thrust was impressive . I honestly dont see why this combo could not work on 2s .. Ok you wont break any speed records but you will most likely not cook anything either and still have decent flight performance . Obviously model weight will dictate performance .

Wow , my first EDF ..
Posted by old4570 | Nov 18, 2018 @ 12:08 AM | 2,397 Views
Mail call !
I kidd you not , my order of control horns arrived Sunday Morning
So I had no choice , it was time to make some moves on the Ripit .
Ground some holes in the carbon boom , installed some control horns and made up some control rods .

Everything seems to be working fine ..

Two things need doing , some sort of nose cone / pod and attaching the wing .
I guess I dont desperately need a nose cone ?
Still , will give it a go .