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Posted by 67econoline | May 16, 2015 @ 08:56 AM | 18,111 Views
It's been a long time since updated this blog. By now most people here know me. I live in San Juan Capistrano Ca. I love four things. Surfing Flying my cats and my van. I live right below a good flyng spot. I fly there often. But my favorite spot is Point Fermin. I fly there with The Amigos.
I mostly build and fly pss planes. That has become my favorite place in the slope soaring world. But I will fly anything. I have wings /foamies/a KA-8 (which I love ). I really enjoy the low and slow Ultrabatics. And of course I love to build planes. That's what I love about pss planes. I have learned from the giants of pss. They have helped me immensely. I can make my own fuses and bag my own wings. Tom( TRISME) and I build and fly together. I don't get to fly with him that much but whenever I do it's a treat.
We have built quite a few planes together. I really enjoy that.
I hope one day to get a molded plane. They are quite alluring... Plus purchase a big scale plane. When it comes to soaring I just love flyn.
Since my last update I have built many planes. I hope to build many more...

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Posted by 67econoline | Nov 16, 2011 @ 12:41 PM | 24,841 Views
Rc flight is a room with many doors. When I started flying I walked through the electric warbird door. That was where i stayed. A few weeks ago I went for a run. I passed a steep spot on the ridge over my house and the wind was really whipping up the ridge. I needed to register my van. So on the way home from that i stopped to fly my Radian there. I took my Power 10 P-51 too. I threw the Radian and she rose up 50 ft. right away.Turning along the ridge. I found lift seemed unlimited. I could do loops, multiple loops if i wanted!! I saw my Buddy Dip doing pumps for more speed. I tried those andthat gave me more speed!! I tried different turns never once hitting my motor. It was some of the best flying of my rc career. I flew for over an hour and was time it was time to head out. I never touched the P-51. A new door opens and I stepped right IN. I came home ready to build the untouched sailplanes that were already in the Hanger!!! I finished the Passer in record time. She flew her maiden on Sunday. The wind had died. So Dip being the better pilot was chosen as the first pilot. She only need a couple of click of down trim and a click of right. I had built her well. She was rising in just a breath of wind!! I took the controls for 8 min and flew carefully, not getting to close to the ridge. Still she flew easily!! It was my first aileron sailplane i was nervous ...!!!The light was fading fast so Dip brought her in for a safe landing. THANKS DIP!! Suddenly I found myself...Continue Reading
Posted by 67econoline | Oct 16, 2011 @ 12:42 AM | 22,558 Views

My good friend and Flying Partner Ed Dip just purchased a new Park Zone Spitfire. I have had a Parkzone SE5a for a few months. But my DX8 had bad gimbals and has been in the shop. So she has been just waitin around. He was ready for his maiden flight. I was ready to take the Biplane back to the sky!!!It has only had one flight. What better time could there be?? So we headed to BBFF. It was late afternoon when we arrived. There is a small ridge that we sail there. The wind was going right at it today and the lift was good but not great. Dip is a sailplane guy at heart so we flew those to start. After about 20 min of that I was itchin for some POWER!! We warmed up by flying some power10 P-51 Mustangs. Then I threw in a flight with my new AT-6 Texan. Then it was maiden time for the Spitfire. As usually is the case Dip was nervous on the takeoff. but after two tries she was airborne!!It has good speed and it really looks great in the air. After a trimming flight . We put them both up. Two generations of RAF power in the air together!! It was quite a sight. The low speed of the SE5a was great. And top speed was surprising!!!I was also surprised by how quick it could turn. The roll rate with and without the rudder was impressive. We could only get in two flights before darkness fell. But i look forward to many afternoons of fun Flyin with these birds in the future!!!!
Posted by 67econoline | Oct 11, 2011 @ 11:08 AM | 22,240 Views
Last Sunday My Friends and I went up to the meadow over my house. i named it for A great American. Lt. Col. John W.(Buzz) Bezusko.
Buzz Bezusko Flying Field.(BBFF) for short. I took almost the entire Hanger!!! It was the T-28 Maiden Day. It was a beautiful day for flying light 4 to 5 mph wind straight down the runway. a few clouds and warm yet not hot. The maiden went very well. The planes flies great. Good roll rate. Its a large plane for me. I was nervous for sure. The speed was good not great. There wasn't much difference from 70 to 100 percent on the throttle. It was a joy to fly!! The landing gear gave me trouble. I landed the first one perfect but lost the front wheel the collar came off!!! So it nosed over. The clevis came off the nose gear from the stress of my runway.I repaired that with a part from the cub. But the outer gear door that had arrived broken came loose too . The CA i glued it wasn't good enough so i flew the next flight with gear down. That went better but i still still lost another collar. The left gear got loose on the landing too. The set screws let it wobble. I'll need to try the 514 rcskylite upgrade. so now i'm working on that. The gear needs concrete. it might cause me problems no matter what i do . I do have the upgrade parts so I'll try that next.But I'm stoked that she is still in one piece!! We flew for five hours. Not a plane lost and nothing but FUN!!! Here is a few pics of the Day!!!...Continue Reading
Posted by 67econoline | Oct 08, 2011 @ 03:06 PM | 22,699 Views
I am on nitroplanes email list . Both good and bad as with all things in life, the good I'm up to date on all of the releases. The bad is it makes me add more planes to the hanger!! That is where i found the Dynam AT-6. Its a 55" 1370 MM wingspan with electric retracts. the stickers were crinkled in the box so the big lettering on the side was unusable. So i had to improvise a little. I also coated it in Minwax polyacrylic Gloss. Two coats to add some shine and cut down on hanger rash. I have only the maiden Flight on it. There was a short in my esc connection causing it to reset. It got missed on the first check. Luckily my maiden wasn't its last flight it easily could have been!!! I found it on my preflight check. But the first flight was a good one.The retracts worked perfectly. the overall speed was good. and it handled nicely. I will know more when i can get more flight time. the esc has been repaired and she is set to fly again.
Posted by 67econoline | Oct 04, 2011 @ 11:44 AM | 22,518 Views
Well I have been busy surfing ,Flying and building. My new Hobby is addicting. I love to build and fly!! I have so much happening!!! I NEED TO FINISH WHAT I HAVE!!!The T-28 is almost complete. all she needs is the CG done. My pilots are painted and installed. I also used Minwax Polyacrylic gloss over the whole plane. It removes the haze between the stickers. The colors really come alive too.I decided to fly her with the stock Retracts. I have made some plates and bought the 514's and the rcskylites. I'll continue on the Mod. if I have trouble i'll install them With the robarts. I painted the struts and the rims silver.

I have Also purchased A pocket Rocket from Banana Hobby. It has proved to be a handful. I have no complete flights yet. she is hard to orientate. I added expo and turn the throws down. But three flights have all ended in crashes.
My power10 parkzone mustang. is one of my favorite fliers. its touchy too. but gives me no trouble. I'm going to keep gluing it together and not giveup!!!

I Have also built a Rack to store my Planes. The hanger is really filling up.
I'm Buying and building!!! The hanger now contains...
Stinson Reliant
Power10 P-51
Super Cub
RAF S.E.5a

P-47 Build just beginning

AT-6 Texan
will post pics when polyacylic is done. Some decals unusable

63" P-51 build in progress Need MORE TIME FLYIN!!!

Passer Sailplane
(still in box)

Vintage Zagi Combat wing
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Posted by 67econoline | Aug 04, 2011 @ 11:34 PM | 22,404 Views
I have finally received the Rcskylite 60/120 pro oleos. They were shipped with no axles i can make some my self but that isn't the point i contacted RCSKYLITE and hopefully they will make it right.
I'll post some pics of those soon. Sad to say the T-28 still is in the box. I need to get all the parts I have on order. But I was dying to get going so I started on the pilots. I'm going to give them the same outfit. (Standard issue look)
And just change up the features on each face. That will give them some originality. I really enjoy the painting . It's a great project.
First I washed them in dish soap . 10%.
then rinsed repeatedly and let the dry for a few days. The I scraped off any mold lines . I found the neck was really thin . I put a hole in the back of one of them. That I repaired with epoxy. Then a coat of light grey primer.
I'm starting both faces with light skin tone. My plan is a tanned / sunburned pilot and a pale indoor type pilot. One in silver sun glasses one in black.
I'm on the fence about the shade of the helmet. Black of white. I have seen both types of helmets. But that can be added later do for the moment they are white. Here are some pics of the work so far.
Posted by 67econoline | Aug 01, 2011 @ 09:19 PM | 23,150 Views
I read through the T-28 thread. After seeing the plane and what I read . This plane was going to be in my hanger. I bought the ARF. My favorite was the silver. So as soon as Nitro Planes had them in stock I pulled the trigger.
The box arrived in good condition. Just as I pulled out to work.
I fly of a gravel/dirt runway. So a few upgrades are necessary.
I bought a set off rc skylites 60/120's plus some robart 2 3/4" goodyears for the mains and some 2 1/4" goodyears for the nose wheel. I"ll be painting those chrome . Im going to try the Krylon chrome. I picked it up at michael's art supply. Cheaper than the LHS. I'm hoping it will be good for foam too (that I'll have to test). Thanks to Sandancer for him pointing me in the right direction for all the required parts.
Also Goofy had to go . I went with two Aces of Iron civilian pilots in 1/8" scale.
Both arrived unpainted. I'll be painting those myself. I'm no artist but I want to give it a try so I'm going to give it my all. Right now I'm working on a parkzone p-51 cockpit upgrade. That's smaller so I'm hoping that will help me
in this project. I bought a dlux 70 amp esc from hobby king.(still waiting for thattoarrive on the slow boat from China) I'm going to add
a castle BEC. For now I'm going to leave the motor stock. I also order some 3.5kg retracts from hobby partz. They are going to lift the goodyears and rc skylites. Ill be just gathering these parts now and planning.
Posted by 67econoline | Jul 31, 2011 @ 12:40 PM | 22,656 Views
MY first flight on my Reliant ended badly. I had the control throws reversed. That taught me the importance of the pre-flight check.I flew that for a while then went Rc Crazy. I Bought a Radian to sail the local hills. A corsair. the first low wing plane I owned . Then a P-51 with a power 10. The corsiar has about 40 flights no crashes. A great plane. The power10 P-51 crashed on her second flight . I redid the gunfighter scheme to What i call Marie's Dream. I used the corsair stickers i had and Some testors Chrome rattle can. She is sweet. I love watching her scream the the mesa.
Posted by 67econoline | Jul 15, 2011 @ 12:31 PM | 22,730 Views
Rc has always been a dream of mine. i have spent most of my adult life surfing and doing endurance sports. This year i decided to make the jump to the skies. After some study. I bought a Dx8. Then a Super Cub LP.My first flight lasted all of ten seconds. Fate had me land in a large bush with no damage.
The next flight lasted for the whole battery. After that i was HOOKED!! I live in SJC CA. a beautiful small town in orange county. After flying almost everyday I bought an aileron plane. The Stinson Reliant. A sweet looking plane!!!