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Great flyer, rock-steady, nostalgic! 22" span, from the old Easy Built Model Company kit.

Is she in for a major overhaul? Yes.
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It's from a kit produced by SIG Models, which I now understand originated from a larger Sinbad in the Berkeley line? All-balsa, Ambroid and/or Duco Cement was probably the glue, and covering is white silkspan from the kit with a bit of orange tissue for a trim color.

My father gave me this kit as a Christmas or Birthday gift, I was about 12 or so and he bought it at the Palisades Hobby Shop in Pacific Palisades, California, a truly old-school LHS "local hobby shop" that was a second home to many of us growing up there at that time.

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((( I just try and do what they tell me! )))

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Back in the late 1960's or early 70's my younger brother ArthurTheMenace built and flew this great old kit, the House Of Balsa Focke Wulf FW-190A-3.

Well, all these eons later, I have found the actual plans that Art used to build his 190! They were downstairs here in Boston, buried under a ton of aero-things rescued from our childhood back in the Palisades.

36" span, 1/12th scale, this cute plane was an enormously popular 1/2A gas "schoolyard / stand-off scale" model (that's what they called it back then) designed by Fred Reese, and amazingly House of Balsa is still in business, and by popular demand they reintroduced this kit! Price seems a bit higher than I remember it was back during the Nixon Administration.

Of course now this airplane is a happy candidate for e-power, and here's a recent build-review:

Meanwhile, my PSS glider pal Jan recently told me that he built one and sloped it off Palos Verdes way back when! How cool is this??? What a connection.

So I just might need to make a HOUSE OF FOAM version for PSS.
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"Wow, what a fascinating blog."

-- speaketh Teacake, The Maine Coon