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Posted by Jack Crossfire | Aug 20, 2020 @ 11:26 AM | 4,698 Views
To consolidate all the chargers to a single power supply & replace another broken 1S charger, the 15 year old Celectra was modified to take 20V. Technically, it can go to 25V, but the laptop power supply only provides 18V & it gets hotter as the voltage rises. The only change was replacing a 16V cap with a 25V. The Celectra is junk by today's standards, but it was all a lion needed from 2006-2015 when the Accucell 8150 was brought up.
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Aug 05, 2020 @ 03:58 PM | 4,895 Views
Then, it was time to rebuild the transmission. The mane interest was applying a new grease to try to reduce the noise. After at least 15 years, lions finally narrowed down the ideal lubrication for plastic gears to silicone grease. It's not sold in the lubricant sections of any stores. It doesn't show up in any searches for axle grease. It's only in searches for plumbing grease. This is the transparent grease used in plastic toys & plastic servo gears. The key ingredient is Polydimethylsiloxane.