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Posted by ripacheco | Feb 20, 2013 @ 03:34 PM | 11,322 Views
Updated Jan 2014
  1. Compete on pattern contest(s) Sportsman category.
  2. Compete on F3J/TD contests.
  3. Organize motor Glider Contest.
  4. Organize youth outreach program for club.
  5. Continue building what is on the bench.

Posted by ripacheco | Feb 01, 2013 @ 02:59 PM | 11,623 Views
RC-Planes in my life

Peru 1980s...
  1. Several Free flight gliders. Including one called "Condor":

    The Condor came with a well-written booklet that introduced you to free flight. It included detailed instructions on how to trim and tow the glider. My building skills were so-so but was able to finish it. And delighted on flying it.

  2. Cox Sportavia. 2-chan foam electric motor glider trainer. This was my very first RC model.

    Took the plane to the flying site only to be told I couldn't fly the plane there because my 72Mhz radio was subject to interference from the TV antenas on a nearby hill. Was told to go to the slope-soaring site where it was safe to use a 72Mhz radio. Drove 40Km away from Lima to the site and found several modellers flying gliders there on a hill by the sea.

    On the flat-area of the site I started to learn to fly it with the assistance of an instructor there. Had several flights with it that day including one where the tail broked off during a hard landing (instructor was landing it). An old-modeller named Don Julio fixed it for me on the field.

    Flew the Sportavia several other sessions, always with an instructor next to me.

    Having become more confident went to a different flying site where noone ever went to fly and crashed this plane beyond repair it when I stalled it as it was flying towards me. I had flown "on my own" a couple of times at the slope soaring site. I was devastated. Even though father, with great time and
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