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This is my Graupner Tina Row Boat 36" and it does work fine! Captain Hook Loves it
Posted by Joe Pierson | Today @ 10:01 AM | 160 Views
This is my Skat Build, small and Fast!!! 32" wingspan with 10" Carbon prop Super thin wing To small for my old eyes to keep up with!
Posted by Pappyjkns | Today @ 08:21 AM | 167 Views
April 18/19

Sometimes, you never know when you wake up in the morning, how your day is going to turn out. As you know “Murphy” laughs at the best laid plans of men & mice! Lol! My “plan” for the day, was to meet with my buds at the small cafe in nearby Brantford, Ontario, for lunch. After which, we head to our favourite r/c hobby store and help the local economy! Then it’s off to our local indoor flying arena for a couple of hours mayhem.

One of our fellow r/c enthusiast also happens to own a 1968 Piper Cherokee 140. I know, these blogs are supposed to be about the r/c world but I felt compelled to tell you this story….after all its still a plane….just a lot bigger that what we are used to flying….from the ground!

At any rate, he mentioned that the weather was looking rather primo and would anyone like to go for a quick ride? My hand shot up like some overly enthusiastic kindergarten kid! Pick me! Pick Me! Yay! I’m in! The rest of the crew headed out to fly indoors.

We walked over to his Piper Cherokee where he began his preflight checks! I was getting nervous because the winds had really picked up and my r/c brain said “too windy to fly!” Non the less, we were soon inside, seatbelts and headphones on and taxing out to the runway! After the green light from the control tower, he hit the throttle and off we charged down the runway and off into the wild blue yonder!

We peeled off to our right and started headed to the west to the town of...Continue Reading
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I have removed:

-BAROMETER support
-Echo Trigger (doesn't even know what it does)
-Smart FeedForward

I have Added:
-Absolute Control
-Integrated Yaw
-Launch Control

Accro Trainer and Anti-Taz is enabled.

The filter_PT1 is a suggestion by Etracer65 and I raised the dyn_notch.
All the info is on the betaflight wiki.

Feel free to ask if you need a feature enabled to have a firmware that fits your needs.
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Sent for review by

Motor ESC install

I had some alternative ESC's to chose from in the 10A to 12A range ..
Chosen was the MR RC 12A ESC , since it already had a connector on it .
Yes , the plan is to run a 2s battery with the 5x3x3 prop ..

With the ESC soldered up , I did a quick current check and the combo pulled some 5.5 amp ..

A) Motor pod .. I was very easily able to open it up .. This allowed me to tighten the motor mount screws .
I then proceeded to hotglue the motor mount into the pod and hot glue the pod shut .

B) Since I was playing with the hot glue , I hot glued the pod onto the wing ..
No issues here , and the wing fits to the fuse just fine .

C) The 12A ESC was zip tied to the wing and the cables routed through the hole to the inside of the wing .
The ESC should get plenty of air where it is . Seems to be a very neat install .

D) At this time I do not plan to run 3s , just in case anyone was wondering .

E) Next I need to watch some TV , give my back a rest .. Then I will solder up the Rx ...
This one from BG , simply my Fav 4ch Rx right now ......Continue Reading
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I know it’s not going to be an R/C, but it’s going to be a blast to build! First set of pictures of my 1/76 scale U.S.S. Constitution project.
I’m modifying the original kit so that it can include a full rigged “if I can” gun deck....Continue Reading
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Laying down silicone over smooth set 20 material, carved out as a buck.
Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 07:53 PM | 425 Views

Mini Surfer 800 sent for review by

AF Link - ... to product page

The opening bout weigh in

I thought it might be interesting to weight the mini surfer to see what sort of weights we are dealing with .

Fuselage = 50.4 grams
Tail ( Ele / Rud ) = 12 grams
Wing = 82 grams
Motor Pod ( Motor / ESC / POD ) = 71.4 grams

All those were individually weighed for a total off = 215.8 grams
Now if I assemble the fuse / wing / tail I get 144 grams and adding the pod returns some 212.5 grams ...
Yeah , that's a few grams Variance there .

I am really impressed with the weigh in less the motor / pod / esc .... Hmmmm , 71.4 grams is a little weighty ..
Even the wing @ 82 grams is a little sturdy ..

My first impressions are that the Mini 800 is well moulded and all the parts fit well together .
I dont think I can bring it in under 250 grams flying weight ..
There would be some serious dieting required to meet the new Libnazi RC rules that will be shoved down Australians throat's shortly .
Oh , for all those Australians , don't forget NOT to vote for the people that want to kill your hobby ! ( )

The Mini 800 just arrived , and the first thing I am going to do is run up the motor / ESC / prop combo as it came in the kit to see what sort of power / current / thrust we are looking at ...


3s / 5x5 prop ( included ) / 15.7 Amp ( peak ) recorded .. Average is in...Continue Reading
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I wanted to try a darker hardwood and much thinner balsa than the last experiment. This time it is 1/16" balsa with teak veneer. The strips were glued with yellow glue and pressed overnight to dry. The teak was surfaced down to just a few thousandths on each side.

Next, a strength/weight test. I cut a very narrow strip and a wider strip of balsa of about the same weight. The balsa was slightly heavier and slightly stiffer, but I'd say these were fairly matched. No question that the teak was doing the work of carrying the tension and compression loads nicely.

There's probably a geometry of teak/balsa which exceeds plain balsa, but hard to optimize at this tiny scale.

I love the look of teak and I could create a slab fuselage with this technique that would look really cool. Tail pieces too. And I've proven I can do this without a weight penalty (especially if factoring in a lack of covering material).

As always, fun experiments with little need to have a practical application.
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Hi friends
Need help. I bought on line a royal product Cessna citation 500 but it has no building instructions and I am unable to find it anywhere. Can any one direct me to where I may find this manual.
Thank you
Posted by Captain Canardly | Yesterday @ 06:47 PM | 920 Views
My best friend, Bill Kubiak, had given me his blueprint collection (which didn't get to the fire place) of which I have started scanning, and I'm not to favorable of Office Depot, as there isn't but 1 person who knows what (she) is doing out of 12+ employees! There's nuthin worse than a 36" wide being (reprinted) on a 24" paper! Anyway, send me PM's for requests, as I have lots of space for messages, and all the PDF's are high res, wayyy above the RCG limits! No more werds, just some views! - Ohh yeah- a few of these will be 'reworked' in CAD for the 'foil factor', and a lot of these could be scalable. ...Continue Reading
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Over the last 2 months I have been testing and playing with the Herelink system from ProfiCNC thank to the guys over a who have been able to get me one to take a look at.

My main thread on this product Is below as well

Over the last few weeks I wanted to look a range and how this system would perform, Herelink is stated to have a range of 20km and I wanted to put this to the test, as laws prevent me from flying this in the UK I came up with a number of tests over some coast line to see what the system was capable of doing.

The plan was to set the Air unit up on a cliff mounted to a tripod and a camera, I also mounted a full cube system to it as well to be able to get full telemetry and test the FC control over the distance as well.

For the first test I found an area with a clear 10km 6m stretch up the coast line, I placed the Air end on the cliff about 25-30m above seal level and the plan was to stop a verbose points up the coast as I traveled along.

...Continue Reading
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Project - "Glue & Fly Series" Nano Backyard/Indoor Plane Status #3 - Maiden Launch

Here is a link to the Video:
Project - "Glue & Fly Series" Nano Backyard/Indoor Plane Status #3 - Maiden Launch (9 min 14 sec)

OK, I decided to take on this side project as I have wanted an Nano/Micro Backyard/Indoor Plane for quite some time and I wanted to be sure it could carry a Micro FPV System so I decided to try and design one myself ;-)

This is Ground Zero, my Prototype of what I envision for this Plane.
It's much smaller that I had in mind so I think some upward scaling will be in order ;-)
I added 13mm to the trailing edge of the main wings which also gave me an additional 5mm of aileron control surface.
I also added 1mmx3mm carbon spars to the main wings to stiffen them up.
The AUW for this plane is now at 32.5 grams.
It's time for the Maiden Launch to see where we are and what we can learn.

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

See Us On Youtube | Patreon | RCGroups | Facebook
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Here are some flights from over the last couple weeks. I did some buddy boxing with some younger RC pilots and also did a maiden for someone at my club. Its always fun to help out others! Gotta do what is required to get as many people hooked to this hobby as possible!

Bobcat pusher plane maidened at LFE (6 min 48 sec)

80mm FMS Hawk Buddy Box flight with Jack at LFE (6 min 31 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Technically I never stopped flying. This winter was pretty tame. It just feels good to pack the car up in the morning to immediately hit the field after work.

Edit: Apparently it is an orange plane day.
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Rewriting the review as something happened in the original upload

The WIFI enabled FPV camera is mounted on the drone, to broadcast the live video to the pilot on the ground.
2K Wide-angle Camera
This 2K HD wide-angle camera helps make more attractive and better recordings and clearer pictures,also with Gesture Taking Photo function.
Optical Flow Positioning
The drone will automatically recognize objects of various sizes, and can dynmaically adjust the tracking parameters according tot eh type and speed of the object, making it easier to follow.
Smart Follow
H2 will automatically recognize objects of various sizes, and can dynamically adjust the tracking parameters according to the type and speed of the object, making it easier to follow.
Set-circle Fly
Press the one key set-circle button, the drone will fly 360°around the controller.
One Key Fly Away
H2 can make the drone fly backwards at the same time with one key fly away function, and shoot perfect visual video,so that you can easily experience the popular shooting mode, everything is as simple as this.
Flight Path
With the flight path multi-point route control technology, as long as a path is drawn on the real-time camera screen, the drone will fly at the current altitude along the designated route.
Battery Monitoring Fuction
Our intelligent algorithm can accurately calculate the battery...Continue Reading
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