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Posted by TravisBean | Dec 16, 2010 @ 11:37 PM | 279,757 Views

Ok, here it is, my very first youtube upload:
I'm jammin away with Hank Marvin by way of my Samsung 52", captured by the Lumix ZR3 in AVCHD movie mode:
This song is an oldie, but once the melody gets stuck in your head, it's there for good.
That's me on the left. You never see my face, because I don't want to crack the lens on my brand new Lumix ZR3.

Hank Marvin & TravisBean Virtual Jam (3 min 45 sec)

Posted by TravisBean | Nov 11, 2010 @ 01:45 PM | 279,638 Views
Ah ha. Is that the UPS man at my door? Why yes it is!

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Posted by TravisBean | Nov 10, 2010 @ 03:06 PM | 279,652 Views
Just had a solid 9 minute flight.
Owner's booklet says only 6-7 minutes.
I also put a small black dot on the USB connector which plugs into the heli,
so I don't have to constantly examine the connector to see which side should be facing up.

Photographic record of said flight:
(notice grounded Msr on top of right studio monitor )

Still having to adjust to yaw control in right stick.
It's only a 3 channel/cost $27 from Amazon/Xheli, but hovers better than my Msr and Mcx.
Posted by TravisBean | Nov 03, 2010 @ 04:34 PM | 280,534 Views
I just added this to my arsenal/bag of tricks.
Now I can practice late at night (in comfort) without disturbing the neighbors.
BTW Amazon rocks. This was a killer deal.

Posted by TravisBean | Oct 26, 2010 @ 01:18 PM | 279,920 Views
I come across quite a few musicians/guitar players in this forum. Here are some pics of my home recording set-up. Feel free to post pics of your gear, and discuss/ask questions.

Posted by TravisBean | Aug 11, 2010 @ 02:28 PM | 280,132 Views
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