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Posted by hugo secondname | May 04, 2021 @ 09:04 AM | 2,417 Views
I've read lots about foam edf jets and found many plans for some on RC Groups. I've decided to build an f-22 raptor and power it with a 25mm edf.
I 3d printed an edf hull (or whatever the bit around the prop and motor is called) and put a 10000 kv motor in it, turning a 4 bladed prop.
The motor is running of a 450mah 2s tattu lipo battery and a jamara xetronic 3a esc. All the components are rated for 1-3s lipo. Trouble is, when I run the motors on full throttle for more than a few seconds, it bets unbearably hot and starts to smell weird. I'd appreciate it if anybody could help me find a solution to this problem, so I can continue my build.

All help is appreciated,
Hugo S.

Ps: here's the link to the motor :
Posted by hugo secondname | Mar 19, 2021 @ 09:24 AM | 12,552 Views
I've recently acquired an old methanol motor from an rc plane. I've fixed it up, but the tap where you screw the glow plug into the engine head is not fully functional anymore. A dealer at my local hobby shop told me that I could use teflon tape to fix it, by winding it around the glow plug and then screwing it in.

I've read that teflon starts to decompose and release toxic fumes when heated over 260C° and also when in direct contact with a flame.
I wanted to know if this would be a safe method to fix the engine or if I'm about to poison myself with teflon fumes.

It would be nice if you could help me out,
Hugo s.
Posted by hugo secondname | Feb 16, 2021 @ 05:28 AM | 10,019 Views
Hi everyone who is looking at this thread,
I'm building a race quad to replace the first one, which I crashed so badly the gyro in the flight controller, the ESCs and motors broke.
I want the quad to be light, to fly a decent amount of time (~20 min) and to be fast. I'm opting for the Druckbär ultralight 4 race quad frame with the adaptor for 30*30 electronics. I'm planning to fly it on my cc3d flight controller and BL Heli s LittleBee-spring 30A Dshot ESCs since I have them lying around and don't want to buy a 4-in one esc. I'm sure I can mount them to fit the frame.
This leaves one question: which motors to use. Since the motors used on my first quad are broken, I thought I might as well get different ones to see how the performance differs. I've spent a while searching for good motors but haven't found any good ones.

I'd appreciate if some people could share their ideas and experiences with different motor brands and types, so I can have an easier time chosing the right ones.

Thanks Hugo secondname

PS the drone is supposed to run 5'' gemfan hulkie props.
Posted by hugo secondname | Jan 14, 2021 @ 06:02 AM | 10,801 Views
Hello, I have a little problem:

I have acquired a cnc mill and would like to cut out an airplane kit for a DeHavilland Beaver. The plans are in a pdf format.
My cnc software is CNCjs and only takes g-code files. I've taken the pdf and cut out the part with all the parts on it, that need cutting out.
My problem:
I need to turn this pdf file into a g-code file. This has proved quite difficult for me, due to the fact, that the converted g-code file doesn't show the parts, but only seemingly random rectangles, triangles and other shapes.

If you need any extra information, feel free to ask.

hugo s.