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Posted by liquidcourage | May 21, 2016 @ 10:56 AM | 5,301 Views
Not that I was ever silly enough to waste money with the AMA or delusional enough to register with the FAA because flying what I want where I want how I want has never been an issue, but now I have the freedom of my own personal private flying field right outside my back door I plan on putting in a manicured runway and a course for fpv racing. Now I can finally fly in peace while sitting on the porch with a cold beer without the hassle of transporting my fleet to a park or soccer field and having to deal with the nosey damn kids or parents bothering me.

Can't wait to have other pilots come out and enjoy the space as AMA members or FAA registered people allowed, I don't trust anyone that foolish to fly around me lol
Posted by liquidcourage | Apr 23, 2016 @ 07:27 PM | 4,293 Views
Just put the finishing touches on one hell of a great 3d foamy........she has a few disorders like being a tad bit heavy and some daddy/ rudder authority issues but I'm sure with a box of wine and some extra foam and foam tac we can tackle those demons. On a side note while flying at my local park a rather large woman with a few small children came up to me and decided that myself and my radio controlled airplane would be the object of her rage on that particular day so she decided to voice her opinion on my choice to paint fat girls on my plane. Her being a gigantic woman herself driving a mini van with those those stick figure stickers on her back window that are supposed to represent her family I immediately said "so are those stickers supposed to be your family or are they representative of the people you've eaten?" Her face turned a funny shade of red/purple and she ran away dragging small children behind her as best as a woman shaped like a bowling ball possibly could.
Posted by liquidcourage | Nov 07, 2015 @ 08:23 PM | 5,936 Views
Walked in just to look around and came out with a new DX7 and Conscendo S. I've had my trusty old dx6i for years and it was finally time to upgrade. The plane was just too good to pass up seeing as how I've been looking for a nice 5.8g fpv platform and this thing is perfect with the SAFE built in. I put three packs through it today and it flies like a dream, very floaty when needed and like a hotliner when punched. At $219 for the bnf it was a no brainer for a super stable fpv platform
Posted by liquidcourage | Oct 17, 2015 @ 09:07 PM | 252,790 Views
Went to my LHS for servo tape and exacto knife blades and came out with a 230s heli
Haven't had a heli in several years so I figured this was a good one to get back into them with. Didn't need the RTF but I liked the idea of having a none computer tx with a 3position switch for a back up and it was only 30bucks more than the BNF. After some trial and error trim flights I gotta say this is a nice bird so far. I have wanted to learn 3d heli flying for years so hopefully this will be the answer
Posted by liquidcourage | Oct 05, 2015 @ 09:12 PM | 7,413 Views
Have been confined to the yard around the house since I got my new fpv toys recently but got the chance to get out to a large open soccer field today and really test the gear out. I kept switching off between the sport cub and the nano for each battery and had a blast. Pretty sure I pissed off all the little kids soccer coaches because once I started flying the kids quit paying attention to them and chased after the cub and nano. I was really surprised at the range I was getting out of the VA1100 in a wide open field compared to what I was getting in my yard around trees and bushes.
Posted by liquidcourage | Sep 24, 2015 @ 07:25 PM | 5,597 Views
It's official, I'm now a bona-fide fpv junkie. I can only imagine what horrible turn of events will take place if the funds for this run out.......will I find myself standing along a highway off ramp wearing a pair of fatsharks and holding a cardboard sign that reads "fpv addict please help" possibly sitting in a stolen wheelchair in order to get those extra sympathy dollars? It's really all Horizon 's fault for discontinuing the fpv vapor combo with the fatsharks and micro spektrum cam/vtx because it drove the price down to $199 plus I had a 10% off and free shipping code. I had already been wanting some fatsharks for sometime and had planned on getting one of the Pereth built 200mw nano fpv setups off of RCG but he got overwhelmed with orders and paypal disputes as any of you that have been following that drama already know. So I said screw it and pulled the trigger on the fpv vapor combo which also spiraled into a nano qx fpv purchase. Now I'm already planning my ultimate 250 racer build and super long range plane other words I'm screwed. If anyone knows of a halfway house or rehab program for this addiction please let me know and tell my loved ones I'm sorry but the only way they will be able to spend time with me from now on is if I see them through the goggles.
Posted by liquidcourage | Jul 11, 2015 @ 04:40 PM | 6,042 Views
I just joined RCG today so I figured I would write my first blog seeing as its raining out and I can’t fly. I wanted to write about how unbelievably impressed I am with my UMX Sport Cub S, I have literally destroyed this thing and it still flies like it did when I first got it. Ok maybe its just a tad sluggish seeing as how there’s probably more tape and gorilla glue than foam but still it flies like a dream. I bought the thing as an impulse buy while I was at my LHS thinking it would be perfect for when I didn’t feel like driving to the park to fly and just wanted to sit on the porch and have something to fly while drinking beer. And at a 100bucks if I trash it who cares…..which I have done time and time again but the damn thing just keeps going. After one afternoon of way too much beer I even got the thing stuck in a tree and it stayed up there for 2weeks through several rain storms and it finally came down in a neighbors yard so he left it on my doorstep for me when I got home from work…….threw a fresh battery in it and away she went. This little cub has ran into just about everything under the sun mainly because I let anybody fly it because its so easy with the SAFE built in. I remember back when I first got in this hobby and my first plane was a Tower Trainer .40 with a very temperamental K&B .46 that I spent more time tuning than flying. Back then it was a constant pain to go down the line and check channels before each flight, lugging around all that flight gear,...Continue Reading