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Posted by austin480 | Aug 08, 2013 @ 03:37 PM | 3,405 Views
the Visionaire
Posted by austin480 | Aug 05, 2013 @ 12:28 PM | 3,724 Views
Hi my name is austin. been flying for about 4 months now. love it.. started with the night vapor. then the ember 2, after that was the hobbyzone champ. then took the next step to learn ailerons with the micro t-28 trojan... after that i got the hobbyzone super cub and a dynam j3 cub. not to happy with the j3... poor flyer.. my next one was the PZ t-28. aww i loved that one.. still flies great! so my next after that was a p-47 (PZ). 109 bucks for the pnp...couldnt beat that.

then my addiction really began once i got the eflite inverza 280. found my preference of type of flying within 20 seconds of my maiden flight.. and my latest plane that ive had for almost a month is the PZ Visionaire... and I love it. I really push myself and make my own airshow. i strive to be one of the pilots that has everybody's attention.
im a member of the flying gators rc club in archer florida. love it. . big field with no trees. i also fly where i live... i take care of a ranch in Bronson i have about a 250 yard by 90 yard field about a 100 yards from my front door....
Model aviation is a healthy and wonderful hobby. I've had the bug bad and probably always will. im eager to learn as much as i can....hope to one day make a living in this type of work... another thing i love is that flying dosnt have competiion among other pilots...we compete against ourselves and people share their knowlege unlike cars and boat modeling.. thanks for reading...and please any info u can share with me will be greatly appreciated.