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Posted by Crady | Mar 23, 2017 @ 12:00 PM | 3,095 Views
My Battery Charger Sends Me Emails (5 min 51 sec)

My 'MintyMailer'

I got the idea for this project to when I moved my charging station to the garage and wanted some kind of notification when it completed a cycle (see my note about LiPo safety.) That got me thinking Internet of Things and wondering what would be a simple and inexpensive way to get an email when the charger’s buzzer went off.

An Arduino seemed like a logical place to start because they’re relatively cheap and easy to use but I shelved that idea when I realized they require a third-party service like those from Adafruit, Temboo or PushingBox in order to send emails, something that would add an unwanted layer of complexity to what should be a dirt simple project. Meh. (As an aside, if your heart is set on using an Arduino, Adafruit has a great tutorial for building a simple IoT doorbell that could be modified to perform other notification tasks.)

Why Pi

After scrapping the idea of using an Arduino I turned my attention to the Raspberry Pi. Specifically, the little Raspberry Pi Zero. The Pi is similar to the Arduino in that it has programmable general purpose input-output ports or ‘GPIO’ ports, but unlike Arduinos the Pi is a full-on single board computer. When you install the free Raspbian OS with Pixel, you get a lovely GUI that includes a desktop, a web browser, a RealVNC server,...Continue Reading
Posted by Crady | Jun 20, 2016 @ 07:12 PM | 3,940 Views
ImmersionRC XuGong v2 Pro - Build, First Flight, and Impressions (18 min 38 sec)

I upgraded my old first-gen XuGong 10 with the newer 'Pro' frame and wanted to share the highlights of the build. 'Purchased the kit from HK a couple of months ago and overall I think it's a great bang for the buck (their price was way lower than anyone else's).

The Pro model has an all-carbon fiber cage (where the '10' was fiberglass) and the power distribution board has some nifty features including a video switcher, a clean FPV camera supply, and an OSD.

Anyway, really looking forward to playing with it over the summer.


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