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Posted by Alexdragonwalker | May 08, 2020 @ 07:33 PM | 5,890 Views
Just some pictures of my build to show you guys, I am looking for a bigger prop for the build, if anyone has recommendations please let me know
Posted by Alexdragonwalker | May 08, 2020 @ 05:26 PM | 5,922 Views
First few runs now, I bought the hull and canopy two years ago and slowly bought the parts for it, i run a 2200kv leopard motor, with an rc boat bits cooling jacket. 150c 8000mah max amps battery with 10 mil bullet connectors I put on it. granted I heard they were not worth it and ďtarget noobsĒ but I just ran the boat for 30 minutes. Granted 5 minutes of that it was upside down because the battery came loose. It currently does not self right which is caused by the battery I believe, and I need to fix that. I have a futaba T4pm transmitter and R304SB receiver which is telemetry capability and I plan to add sensors for heat and a gps, so I can check itís temperature while ripping around. The esc is 180A seaking (hobbywing). I use a old servo from my rc truck in the boat currently and plan to upgrade it. But itís an Futaba S3305 Heavy duty steering servo. The boat is cooled with the off shore electrics dual pickup rudder, with rc boat bitz black large inlet (x2) and two large silver outlets, one on each side. Propeller is currently stock, and wanted to stay that way for a little bit to see how bad the heat is now(which is non existent) so in the future I will be looking for larger props, lmk if anyone has any ideas. And I believe last of all for upgrades I have the Off shore electrics upgraded prop shaft. Let me know if I missed anything, sorry for the lack of order my brain jumps all over the place.