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Posted by DigitalEntity | May 25, 2017 @ 11:12 AM | 13,560 Views
Long story short
Good quality FPV set for decent price. Camera picture is very good - on par if not better with trusty HS1177. FPV TX is good, but a bit biger than common VTXes.

What's in the box
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The kit came in plain white box without any designations. Inside I found the 600mw VTX, camera in an orange commonly used case, camera mounting bracket, a set of wires, antenna and manuals for VTX and the camera. None of the received equipment was branded AKK, in fact there was no branding at all.

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Posted by DigitalEntity | May 17, 2017 @ 07:57 AM | 13,391 Views
A great and affordable video transmitter!
This is not the cheapest VTX on the market, but so far it's the best transmitter I've seen in sub-25$ range.

Unpacking and impressions:

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Transmitter came in a nice box with AKK logo, well packed and with good manual. After I opened a box I instantly knew it's going to be a quality product - for several reasons:
  1. It comes with silicone wiring! No other VTX I had in my hands comes with silicone wires!
  2. Connector on the VTX is lockable. I've also never seen lockable (and more expensive) connector on other VTXes.
  3. Stock antenna comes with metal threading - not the cheapest antenna despite the fact and nobody ever flies with stock antennas.

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Posted by DigitalEntity | Mar 12, 2016 @ 04:00 AM | 15,536 Views
Quad Me Up blog has made a very good summary on how much power is lost on antenna polarisation mismatch.
Posted by DigitalEntity | Jan 23, 2016 @ 04:13 AM | 15,725 Views
Finally I have received Eachine ER32 5.8G 32-channel receiver from Banggood for review.

The receiver came in a nice box with Eachine logo and a sticker with receiver model name. No stupid OEM packaging, great!

The receiver is supplied with a cable to connect to 3S LiPo battery via a balance plug and also has a cable with RCA plugs. Not needed for my application but nice to have anyway.

I have tested the receiver with 2S and 3S battery, it powers up and works fine in both cases. Measured power consumption at 3S was 100mA which is fairly low.

Soldering quality is good, no misaligned components, no traces of residual flux. Antenna connector is RP-SMA. Supplied antenna is not very good, but this is usual for straight antennas. Cloverleaf antenna with RP-SMA connector fits nicely and gives much better picture quality.

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Posted by DigitalEntity | Sep 05, 2015 @ 07:30 PM | 2,245,629 Views
History behind iNav
I was flying Cleanflight for some while and I always wonvered why CF's navigational capabilities are so limited? Why RTH is unaware of altitude, why no possibility to RTH on FAILSAFE event, why altitude hold is very imprecise? For a while I struggled to improve things that are already there, but eventyally I realised that gps and althold code was very difficult to improve without changing most of it.

Around May 2015 I've started a project to rewrite navigation framework for cleanflight from scratch keeping things clean and modular.

My intention is improve the current "official" Cleanflight with advanced navigation functions and eventually merge everything back into Cleanflight.

Quick summary of main features:
- Legacy BARO, SONAR, GPS PH, GPS RTH modes are removed and replaced by ALTHOLD, POSHOLD and RTH modes
- Gyro and accelerometer FIR filtering
- Quaternion IMU logic for Level modes. More precision, less drift and faster performance
- Advanced INS/GPS position estimation for best accuracy
- Advanced accelerometer and magnetometer calibration
- Smart RTH (return to home) that would use the safe altitude to return home - avoid the trees and buildings - and land
- RTH on failsafe (radio signal loss)
- Waypoints and fully autonomous missions (work in progress)

iNav has different config settings and simply restoring old backup will result in poor performance!

iNav have changed some key settings, even if your experienced Cleanflight user you need to read the Wiki!

INAV Configurator for Chrome:

Documentation / Wiki / Read THIS:

iNav on GitHub:

Gitter chat channel:

Support IRC Channel:
#inavflight on Freenode

iNav is opensource and available free of charge to everybody. If you like iNav and find it useful, you can support future development by making a donation.

Or maybe you can give recurring support by pledging on my Patreon page.