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Posted by chester2240 | Jan 16, 2013 @ 06:24 AM | 20,612 Views
This is a 12in ws F-15 buit from Jetset44 F-15 plans but modified.

Weight is 96gr
Motor:Turnigy 1230 4200kv
Prop: GWS 3030 cut down to 2 inches
Lipo: 3s 325mah TP 65c
ESC: CC pheonix 25amp
Servos: 2 Hobbyking 1.7gr

Link to Build:

VID comming soon
Posted by chester2240 | Nov 07, 2012 @ 03:01 AM | 21,876 Views
My second F-22 built from Esprit440 40mm contest winner

DollerTree foam
Motor : hexTronik 5gr 2000Kv 7.2gr with prop and mount
ESC : Turnigy 6amp 3gr
Lipo : Rhino 360mah 2s 17gr, Now Turnigy 180mah 3s lipo 16gr
Prop : GWS 5030
Rx : FrSky 5ch VD5M 1.8gr
AUW 81gr
Thrust is less then 1:1 on 2s on 3s much more then 1:1
Posted by chester2240 | Apr 28, 2012 @ 12:09 PM | 21,974 Views
This is my newest jet and my first F-22 it has a 15in wing span 21in long 90gr RTF. Im useing a 1220turnigy inrunner a 2510 gws prop (90 gr peak thrust) 12amp esc striped down to 6gr, 2 servos , 2s 360mah striped down rhino lipos 17g. Ive added ailerons and thrust vecturing paddles witch are clear plastic.

The Jet isnt very fast (40mph tops) but what it lacks in top speed it makes up with quickness and maneuverability it can reverse directions in a foot and flip it over in a backflip like a peace of paper and i can slow it down to a fast walking speed.

The plans came from Esprit440 40mm edf contest winner witch are easy to follow and looks amazing
Posted by chester2240 | Mar 22, 2012 @ 09:06 PM | 21,571 Views
Here is my newest build and my first ever superbandit.
Im using the mini air 4ch extra electronics with a 5a 1s esc and a 1015 turnigy inrunner on 1s with a 2510 GWS prop and nanotech 160mAh lipos
Wing span is 14in, Lenth is 15 1/2in
weight is 42gr with lipo and 20gr of thrust with the turnigy 1015 and 2510 prop
Posted by chester2240 | Jan 11, 2012 @ 01:37 AM | 28,801 Views
Ok so here it goes, i have always wanted to build this jet. And when i saw that bimRC on shapways have created a 25mmedf case and saw that it could put out 50g of trust with the right set up i had to have it in somthing special. So alittle after i was playing acecomebat on psp and saw the adf-01 falken had huge engines and still looked freaking sweet and was original i drew up plans and started building the same time.It went together with my plans perfect the first or somtimes the second try. Ive built the plane by folding 1mm depron and 4mm depron (the dollertree type) and useing eFlight ca and gorilla glue(in the places that need more support)and so far the empty weight as it is in the pic without any electronics is 14g.