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Posted by saucisse | Sep 21, 2011 @ 07:35 AM | 28,885 Views
I'm using the following:

ImmersionRC EzUHF LRS
ImmersionRC EzOSD
RCV922 cam mounted on a GWS S125 1T 2BB 360 degree sail winch servo
GoPro HD for onboard recording
ImmersionRC 500mW 2.4Ghz vtx
Turnigy PLUSH 60A ESC
RCTimer BC3536-5 1450KV with 9x6 APC prop
3s 5000mah 40c/80c pack (can put 2 of them if I want extreme duration)

CG @ 35mm behing servo wires
AUW 2.157 kg
Flight time between 30-45min depending on throttle management. Pushing it to the limit I got 1h12min of flight time on a no wind evening only gliding and crusing @ 6 amps.

On the ground:

ImmersionRC Duo2400 with 11dBi Diversicty patch antenna
ImmersionRC EzTracker with ReadyMade RC pan/tilt
JXD990 for ''just in case'' recording
Haier 10'' screen (love it)
Hacked in ski goggles Trimmersion

My Vimeo page; some videos done with it can be found there
Posted by saucisse | May 26, 2011 @ 06:58 PM | 29,155 Views
This is my current setup as on May 26 2011. It evolved to how it is now in few months and will continue to change since I do have plenty of new upgrades coming/already here.

The details:

Frame: Jakub's quad002 650mm motor to motor frame for GoPro
Flight Controller: Minsoo Kim blue controller with v1.5 mode + firmware (doing elevon mixing on the radio to fly in x mode)
ESC: Mystery blues 20A ESC
Motor: KDA20-28M 1050kv (will go with a lower kv motor later)
Prop: 12x4.5

Cam: Sony 1/3 cmos for FPV and GoPro HD for onboard recording.
Vtx: Lawmate 1.2GHz 500 mW with inverted Vee antenna
Flight Lipo: 3s 5000mah 40c/80cl (gives about 14-16min of flight time)
Video lipo: 3s 500mah
AUW is 1548g or 3lbs 6.5oz

Here's one of my latest flights:

Some FPV fun with the quad (8 min 16 sec)

Posted by saucisse | Jul 02, 2010 @ 06:02 AM | 32,752 Views
Here's how I did the install off the GoPro HD one the Canopy:

Pan shaft coming out of the canopy:

Drilled a hole in a GoPro mount and attached it to the pan shaft:

Final result:
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Posted by saucisse | May 19, 2010 @ 08:11 PM | 29,110 Views
Details of my FPV Radian can be found here: