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Posted by Aireck | Sep 27, 2019 @ 03:33 PM | 3,322 Views
Well, I have definitely progressed since my last entry. I have built two quads, a bunch of Flight Test planes, got FPV going pretty well, and got my two kids and two neighbor kids into flying. Time remains the biggest challenge. Also my oldest son is very active and after about 5 minutes at the flying field he is ready to do something else. Those are a good 5 minutes though. The technology that we have today is amazing and it keeps getting better.
Posted by Aireck | Dec 09, 2017 @ 06:06 PM | 2,245 Views
Well, funny how two kids, a house, and a job can pull one away. My oldest son just turned 5 and I am starting him up. We got introduced to the Flite Test planes by a friend, and we are starting to build the Squadron up. FPV and drones are also looking amazing with the advances in technology. I am looking forward to some good times with my son and hopefully the rest of the family. RC planes will also hopefully double as his science and technology and aviation courses at some point. I am also working to get his litttle group of friends set up as well. I still remember firing up .049s and the smell and feel of the fuel. That was the coolest thing ever as a 5-7 year old. Also, the plastic Cox control line models, which I wish I still had, we equally as cool and a good way to start out.
Posted by Aireck | Sep 12, 2012 @ 08:25 AM | 3,306 Views
Well, I am back into RC after several years away. Being an engineer I usually research everything before posting so I haven't really got any posts going. I have read through the entire
F22 Epp/Depron Parkjet - with plans

I feel I have a pretty good understanding of electric motors, batteries, the new radios. It is impressive how powerful the motors are and how light the gear is.

I am now 40 and looking at kids. I have foggy memories of watching my dad fly a U-control Cox PT-19 when I was 3. From then on it was U-control, Estes rockets, and then RC airplanes. My first plane was the ACE High MK-II. I took several months to put that together at 7yrs old. My dad tossed it and it had a great climb out. I turned it right back into the ground. It went back home in a pile. We had several planes after that. I also got my friends involved, one of which now is sporting several with real jet engines, and cursing my name for the amount of money he has spent.

It is good to be back in it. I look forward to getting my kids flying. I think you can learn so much about how things work by building and flying your own.

My squadron consists of a GWS Zero, ME-109, and Corsair not yet put together. I also have the F-22 I built out of 6mm depron which is my best flying plane.

I also had to get my brothers back into this hobby. They now both have radios and parts to start building.

Thanks for all the guidance and help through the posts,