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You think they do this stuff on purpose? #aggravating#kickthebox#nojobpride
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I've been flying? rc for about 3 yrs now. The plane that gave me the "bug" was one of those rudder only pappy's flight school specials from wally world. First time out it was way too windy and the flight lasted at best 10 seconds before slamming into the only tree in the field I was in. My twin daughters thought it was hilarious.

Next was a century hummingbird FP heli package with a 4ch JR quattro, (I was really in the big leagues now). I tore that thing up & repaired & tore it up for about 6 mos before one day it just hopped up and I "got" it. I didn't have anyone around that could help with instruction so the learning curve was pretty steep.

Then I got a GWS Pico TM, and it flew great. That's when the hook really got set for me. I upgraded the power system (GWS 350) and had a blast with it. Put it in a steep dive one night, pulled into a loop, and folded the wings right up. It plummeted to the ground in a heap, so I brought it home, bought a new set of wings & tail feathers, and gave it to my brother whom I had been trying to get into rc. That plane has been through hell, but he still flies it to this day.

I was ready to get something with ailerons, & with my previous experience with GWS and the TM, I bought a GWS Stearman. I figured another bipe would be the way to go. Boy, that was a mistake. For some reason that plane never flew well, and I smashed it nose first into terra firma so many times that the whole...Continue Reading