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Posted by CloudSniffer | Oct 04, 2017 @ 09:25 AM | 8,806 Views
I little good luck goes a long way. I found that the HS55 servo fits perfect. Its a slight press fit between the bottom center sheeting and forward spoiler bay balsa covering support. I simply sawed the tabs off the servo, and pushed it in place until is met the back side of a half rib. The servo arm is in the correct position to lift the spoiler without any linkage.

I am using my flap switch with 2 spoiler positions. Each position has elevator offset programmed in so when the switch is deployed the glider goes straight. On the high position you can come in at a fairly steep angle with a controlled speed.

Once the servo was set up in place I just used a little silicon on the top edge to hold it in place. This way if I need to service it for some reason it can easily be removed without tearing up the plane.

Now, I had a little bag of little tiny magnets and need one. Ive spend over two hours looking for them and suspect they are hitch hiking around stuck to something else. Sneaky little things.