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Posted by CloudSniffer | Sep 30, 2017 @ 12:18 PM | 9,284 Views
I am extremely pleased with how the Yellow Jacket 2M turned out. It exceeded my expectations for ease of build, fit, strength, and especially flight performance. Production is underway and I can do about 20 kits a month. I am finding that carbon fiber has become very popular lately, suppliers are stating the demand has increased quite a bit over last year. When they run out that appears to be the primary bottleneck right now. I am trying to get ahead of the curve by ordering larger quantities and looking at other suppliers.

My electric version weighs 18.8 oz with the specified components. I am able to balance it with no added weight.

The Line Launch weighs 15.8 oz and that is with 1/2 oz added to the nose. I am looking for ways to eliminate the nose weight.

The complete kit is $189.00 plus shipping using USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day US shipments.

Full size plans are provided for the wing and a scaled down plan sheet is provided for the fuse. Instructions are included on the plan sheets. Should you order a kit I can email a full size fuse sheet that may be easier to read if you eyes arent to good.

Orders can be placed by emailing [email protected].

You will not be asked to pay until its ready to ship and at that point you will receive an email with a invoice and link to pay by CC or you can send via PayPal to my email address. Should your club desire to do a group build and order multiple kits please email me what your thinking and I will...Continue Reading