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Posted by CloudSniffer | Apr 20, 2017 @ 10:25 AM | 12,913 Views
I am pleased to announced that the Tarantula Hawk 2M Sailplane kit is finally ready. It features the AG35-36-37-38 airfoils same as the Allegro Lite. It has been redesigned for an easy build. It also has a nice tapered boom, with a tail section and pod that are also easy to build and look very nice (IMO).

The I-Beam spar uses 1/16" x 3/8" basswood caps with a balsa core and 1/16" shear webs. For electric and bungy its strong. If you want to launch it with an aggressive winch you can add CF and sand down the bass very easily.

The electric version was designed to fit a rear mount Turnigy SK3 2830 or 2826 motor using the 16mm/19mm bolt hole circles in the mount. The rear mount makes it possible to obtain a nicely shaped nose. My intention was to provide something that will accept a high quality low cost motor and I have found these work great.

The line launch version uses a pod that is 1.5" longer for balance. It includes a sliding tow hook and mount which you form from a 4-40 threaded rod.

The recently built electric version has an all up weight of 19.5ounces. The line launch is 16.75 ounces all up balanced. The servos, and battery are factors in the final weight.

There is a build thread that shows the progress of getting through the first build and to the current design. The kit includes a 36" x 48" build plan, and written instructions in English.

I believe I can make about 10 kits a month as I do this in my spare time. The kit price is $179 plus shipping.

Almost every part in the kit is laser cut. The bass spar cap is not laser cut because the center section is too long for laser.

If you have interest you can message me or send an email to [email protected].