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Posted by AussieHoppy | Apr 28, 2012 @ 12:45 AM | 8,672 Views
1500mm span
Crash due to a failed ails gyro (gyros used at times when flight training).
Landing gear will straighten out.
New replacement cowl & motor mount to be installed.
Plane is one piece ie main wings are glued together and to fuselage.
I have some spare motors that may work well with this bird:
~15 size Parkzone
~stock motor from TS 1900mm Cessna
Over the years I have flown this girl on 3S & 4S, from 2200mah to 4000mah, and easily carries the weight.
Last year for the fun of it I installed a basic fpv setup, 5.8/25mw, very easy plane to fly fpv.
5 channel if so desired:
~Flaps (super slow with full flaps deployed!)
I reckon she'd fly 3 channel easy enough though, with just elev/rudder/throttle.
Posted by AussieHoppy | Mar 25, 2012 @ 05:16 AM | 6,460 Views
Modded Power25 on 4S, crazy plane! 220kph out of a dive and that was fpv
Posted by AussieHoppy | Mar 11, 2012 @ 06:45 AM | 6,443 Views
Power15 with MAS 3 blader
Posted by AussieHoppy | Feb 25, 2012 @ 12:45 AM | 4,901 Views
Posted by AussieHoppy | Jan 21, 2012 @ 03:28 AM | 5,675 Views
KMP 2010mm T 28 Trojan 12 cell elec maiden 22052016 (8 min 42 sec)

Composite fibreglass fuselage/ built up balsa wings
12kg AUW/ MTOW

Original intention was to set this up with a RCGF 65cc gasser engine, but when I fired this plane up with a smaller IC engine the plane rattled a *lot* lol not much glue used in construction, so I squeezed in epoxy glue everywhere I could gain access to, but decided to go with an electric conversion.
Had a few other issues, eg the ply dihedral spar was 5mm short of connecting with one of the main structural ribs, so I made a new spar, then proceeded to epoxy glue the 2 wing halves together, and epoxy cloth the join for good measure.

Couldn't get my hands on a Tacon 160 so I compromised on a T-Motor AT5330 6363 size 190kv. Bench tests proved nothing great but certainly fine, but maiden proved the setup with a big 22x10x3 Beila prop was too much, dropped back to 20x10x3 Beila with much better results but motor screeching by the end of the 2nd flight has me doubting the quality of this motor.

So post maiden I'm considering either swapping the T-Motor with a Tacon 160, or re-converting back to IC with the originally intended 65cc... because... I'd lurve to power with a Saito FG60-R3 3 cylinder gasser radial!

Also I've not been successful at all with the Chinese Robart flogoffs, replaced many components with genuine Robart, stripped and rebuilt all cylinders, even tripled the air capacity, all to no avail. Thinking I'll go with...Continue Reading
Posted by AussieHoppy | Jan 11, 2012 @ 06:15 AM | 6,311 Views
Here's what I did with my SSS

SSS to the Ocean! (11 min 52 sec)

Only flew with one 4S 5000mah and almost didn't make it home had to dead stick land...

Hacker motor
MAS 3 blade prop
FY-31AP & Hornet OSD
Dragon rc
Oracle diversity
Fatshark Trinity HT

Still needs in-flight trimming but loving this platform ...Continue Reading
Posted by AussieHoppy | Jan 10, 2012 @ 02:27 PM | 8,607 Views
My ever so slow assembly/build...

Tacon 160
2 x 4S 5000mah in series for 8 cell
Castle Creation 100 amp esc

Didnt' trust the main wing after a mate of mine crashed his on maiden when one of the removable wing ends slipped of in-flight, so I glued mine as one piece.
Original motor box was very impractical, so I fabricated an aluminium box that goes back to the main wing root to speard the load, and will fit 4S 5000mah lipos.
No end of retract problems. Stock motors died while bench testing. Installed some (expensive) Wingspan retracts I bought ages ago, they too died, they were sloppy as hell anyway. Found some large scale rotating retracts in the workshop, can't remember when I bought them or where from, one worked perfect, the other for a while then motor smoked... opened up to find scrap metal had been left in the gearbox during manufacture... so for now I have one of these unknown retracts, the other is an FMS 1700mm Corsair.
With all the messing around with retracts I converted the gear doors to servo actuated.

Landing lights are 1 cell pocket LED torches.
Retracts are 7.4 volt
Receiver/servos 5.5 volt.
So I power everything (other than motor lol) with a 2S 2200mah, direct to retracts, bec for rc/servos, dc reg for land lights.
Common rail for all -ive, sperate voltage common rail for +ives.
Used pc serial port plug/socket for wing wiring connectors.

Tail retract works fine... so far...
Hitec servos all round....Continue Reading
Posted by AussieHoppy | Jan 08, 2012 @ 03:58 PM | 5,417 Views
The Druine Turbulent was a French designed home build timber ultralight from late 50's/60's, powered by a VW 1200cc 30hp engine, wingspan 6.53 metres [21'5"], 281kg gross. The cantilever wing was designed with built in leading edge slats to aid in low speed handling.

Druine Turbulent 40% scratch built

30cc gas converted Supertiger engine removed, replaced with a 53cc XYZ twin cylinder engine, rubber engine mounts, and straight through ss flexi exhaust headers for the first flights.

Exhaust muffler I have temporarily made out of an ally electrical project box with 2 chambers an some ss wool, now much quieter

First engine start
Druine first start XYZ Dec2016 (0 min 40 sec)

Second flight Jan 2017
Druine Turbulent Jan 2017 (3 min 57 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by AussieHoppy | Dec 24, 2011 @ 05:22 AM | 5,752 Views
Starmax 1400mm Gee Bee
Gorgeous plane, beautiful in the air, and flies beautifully... but underpowered.... 6 cell perfect

FMS 5060 360kv

18x8 2 blade MAS Classic series
48 amps
1100 watts

21x10 2 blade timber Zoar
100 amps
2100 watts

19x10 2 blade timber Zoar
81 amps
1800 watts
This perfectly matches the max specs ...Continue Reading
Posted by AussieHoppy | Oct 25, 2011 @ 08:32 AM | 7,727 Views
One of the most pleasurable planes to fly, truly. 3 cell for scale, 4 cell for fun
Only weakness is the main landing gear.
Oh, and servos lol, elev servo died on take off, killed throttle but glided beautifully... into a wire chain mesh fence... smashed cowl, a lovely guy in the Cub thread donated a replacement cowl (no longer made), hence the now black cowl.


Posted by AussieHoppy | Oct 24, 2011 @ 06:18 PM | 7,673 Views
P-47 Razorback- custom all fibreglass build

December 2016
Early 2016 I had ordered a custom CNC cut foam 2200mm Spitfire from Marek in Poland ([email protected]), I haven't proceeded with that project as yet due to too many builds and not enough time to fly... sound familiar...?

Well, a very good mate of mine, Mark, expressed interest in the Spitty concept and while I love the Spit, over a few drinks we found we had a mutual admiration for the P-47 razorback... so... another repeat order was made with Marek, $288USD later the foam cut kit arrived, progress has been made.
Product used is an extruded polystyrene foam. Very light but very brittle in it's raw form.

To digress, I repeated the Spitty concept at just shy of 2200mm and bought canopy, cowl, gear doors etc from Topflite to simplify things somewhat.
I spent weeks studying airfoils only to end up with Dr Selig's foils for main wings and tail feathers, S8036 airfoil at the wing root running out to the S8037 at the wing tips, with approx 2 degrees washout. For the tail S9026 symetrical airfoil was used for the horizontal stabilizer, and S9027 symetrical airfoil was used for the vertical stabilizer. Anticipating 12-14kg AUW.
Emailed detailed measurements & photos to Marek and awaited eagerly for the kit to arrive.
The idea is we make a mold of everything, from airframe to the parts (canopy, cowl etc) so we can in theory, have a constant supply of parts... because, well, in case we crash... a lot...
And once...Continue Reading


Posted by AussieHoppy | Oct 24, 2011 @ 06:16 PM | 6,917 Views
Lancair 888

Bought this 2nd hand, 2040mm composite with an ASP 1.20 4 stroke single.
Manufacturer unknown, previous owner never flew it but was told it flew.
Turns out it is a real fun plane to fly
The only thing I neglected to do was check the size of the fuel tank... quite small... I should've topped it up before commiting to flight lol

Lancair maiden 02012017 (deadstick landing) (5 min 55 sec)


Posted by AussieHoppy | Oct 11, 2011 @ 05:29 PM | 6,067 Views
Carbon-Z epo T-28 Trojan 2000mm- REBUILD

I bought my Trojan early 2016, and on the 7th flight she was written off.
Sedate lazy flying, falling out of a loop idling the motor inverted I lost elevator control, radio link was solid but no elevs, so I killed the throttle and helplessly watched her lawn dart.
The prop/motor was buried 7-8" into the ground.
Motor was destroyed.
Lipo flamed up.
Fuselage crushed and split to behind the cockpit.
Main wings split and twisted the entire length, and popped at all the air pockets.
And while Horizon Hobby/FMS wanted to know nothing of the cause, the cause was I guess, pure chance. A motor wire in the elev servo was held in place by slightly melted plastic- it was never soldered correctly in the factory and was a flying time bomb.

But, she flew beautifully, regardless of the overpriced shortfalls.
HH will NOT honour any failures beyond their 1 month "waranty".

A local Hobby Shop, "Mild to Wild", where this plane was purchased new, kindly offered the replacement airframe parts at their cost price to get airbourne again.
Shout out to these guys, they didn't have to do this but stepped up while Horizon Hobbies turned their back. Says something, huh...?
Parts consisted of a fuse, main wings & cockpit.

The shortcoming I considered well below par for a plane this size:
Motor, prop, esc, receiver/servo power, compressed foam hinges on flaps (really???), control pushrods suitable for little more than a 1200mm...Continue Reading
Posted by AussieHoppy | Oct 03, 2011 @ 03:45 AM | 9,647 Views
Seeing as the rebuild maiden went so well, and it blowing a gale outside, I thought I'd treat the old dear to a bit of a repaint

I've never scale modded a plane before, so I thought I may as well do it honour of one of our WWII aces, Wing Commander Clive R Caldwell
He flew a VIII, A58-484 (British serial JG543) at Morotai in March 1945; one of three Spitfire MkVIII's allocated to Clive R Caldwell. Below the cockpit was a Group Captain rank pennant and an impressive scoreboard indicating aerial victories against German, Italian and Japanese aircraft.

Not quite to scale, I'm painting the underside off-white, topsides olive green, and requested the decals from Callie Graphics.

Thus far the underside is painted...
And topsides... awaiting Callie's graphics
Posted by AussieHoppy | Oct 01, 2011 @ 10:07 PM | 8,910 Views
a bit of a period nostalgic edit...

maiden of my 1400mm Durafly Spitfire, rebuilt from a previous low level nose-in at the hands of an other... which was after a previous rebuild caused by my hands... not to mention repairs from previous owner of the plane, the nose has had a beating lol

Lotsa glue & rebuilt with bits lying around the shed... G&C (FMS) 3648-600kv (from a totalled FMS P51), 60 amp esc, 13x10 2 blader
7 minute flight with a 4S 3000mah batt used 1838mah, so this combo should be good for an easy 10 minute flight

Still needs trimming out... and far too much up-thrust (pulling nose down) raising the throttle, so I was working the elev's with throttle the entire flight
Serious banking issue, seems to be heavier in one wing, requires lots of ails trim but she isnt a racer, she flies fine scale

parked the Spitty beside myself, picked her up to check the main gear, one oleo w/ wheel fell out onto the ground- suspension retaining screw must have fallen out during the return taxi... how lucky is it that it didn't come adrift on take-off!! :-D

all-in-all a successful re-maiden... very happy

Posted by AussieHoppy | Sep 04, 2011 @ 11:14 PM | 9,392 Views
this is the epitomy of petrol powered flight...

P-51 The Galloping Ghost @ Warbirds over Oberhausen (3 min 33 sec)

Posted by AussieHoppy | Jul 23, 2011 @ 07:39 PM | 8,664 Views
i spent the extra $100+ on the word that this bird was supposed to be the new breed of tested & improved... my enthusiasm is beginning to wane...

if it was only the sequencers, i can well understand, but where are they?
sequencers i would replace, begrudgingly given the original purchase price, but this spinner screwup is pathetic, honestly... what's next??
r&d, qc, etc etc... regardless, we paid top dollar for this kit, and the more i work on it, the less i am inclined to bother buying another HK plane...
the HK/starmax/Jpower 1550mm P51... i should have learnt from that one... all the servos were the cheapest of cheap- no, they were garbage. one retract smoked on the bench. esc seemed to work, but the bec didnt. the stock motor actually did seem ok, IceAxe clocked up over 150 flights from memory on stock motor. warped tail. packing damage. In the end i replaced everything, rather expensive foamie given the airframe & motor was all that was usable... and i'm terrified this P40 is history repeating itself, yet again... dejavu

sorry to vent, guys... i'm tired, work is pretty extreme atm, spare time is limited, i paid extra $'s for what i thought was going to be an awesome sized plane with the promise of decent quality and quick build time... i dont mind basic hiccups- that's a given on foamies, but the spinner issue renders the entire prop setup next you useless without bastaardizing it, or replacing it with what- something we fund ourselves? or sit and wait a month of Sundays and hope for a HK resolve? and this is besides anything else that may yet pop up, we have retracts/ doors, esc/bec, motor, servos to deal with yet...
we paid extra for quality, already the quality is marred
Posted by AussieHoppy | Jul 04, 2011 @ 07:24 PM | 8,995 Views
Slowly getting to the end...
eFlite Power46 motor giving no end of trouble, CC esc wouldnt run it more than approx 50% throttle, now DualSky esc runs full throttle but if I snap the throttle wot it kinda stops & grinds, so for now I'll leave it as is for maiden.

Also having problems with a servo reverser, ground testing has one elevator just sticks up at random, not good for maiden so I'm about to replace the reverser for now, just for the maiden.
If maiden goes well, I'll remove all the tail surface servos from within, and relocate embedded into the foam externally.

Replaced the stock retracts with eFlite full alloy 120 series.
Glued in a 6mm ply mount, and set up so the axles are approx in line with the leading edge of the wing when lowered. Hopefully this will reduce the nose over tendancies.

I've had nothing but issues with this plane from the start, but nearly ready for maiden.
Posted by AussieHoppy | Jul 04, 2011 @ 06:05 PM | 10,830 Views
As posted on the "Huge 73" Foam Cessna 182 (Tian Sheng EPO Cessna 182)" thread...

Now the battery tray will only be used for flight batteries & the elev/rudder servos.
All servo leads now are located in the rear of the cockpit (under rear window) which is where the rc Rx will be located.
Rc battery will be located forward in the cockpit.
I removed the rear window and it holds it's original shape very well, so I am considering hinging it so it can remain there yet still have access to the Rx.

The ply mount for the tail wheel I had considered recessing, even considered inverting the tail wheel assembly and moving it further aft to the very end of the fuselage... this would have looked more scale and neater, but I prefer a little extra ground clearance, so I gave way to practicality.

What scares me with going to this trouble before maiden is that if anything goes disastrously on maiden, lotsa work hours gone...

I'm sure my conversion isn't for everyone, but my aim is for some scale, and if she flies well with extra battery weight, i'll try for some medium range scale Cessna fpv flights
that's the plan, anyways...


I've had a handful of flights with her now.
Tail dragger conversion works very well, so very pleased with it... slowly ease up the throttle on takeoff... tail gently lifts... then the girl gracefully levels and lifts into the air.... so scale, so nice
Flying with 6000mah 4S lipos

I had to install much...Continue Reading