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Posted by AussieHoppy | Apr 28, 2012 @ 12:45 AM | 8,670 Views
1500mm span
Crash due to a failed ails gyro (gyros used at times when flight training).
Landing gear will straighten out.
New replacement cowl & motor mount to be installed.
Plane is one piece ie main wings are glued together and to fuselage.
I have some spare motors that may work well with this bird:
~15 size Parkzone
~stock motor from TS 1900mm Cessna
Over the years I have flown this girl on 3S & 4S, from 2200mah to 4000mah, and easily carries the weight.
Last year for the fun of it I installed a basic fpv setup, 5.8/25mw, very easy plane to fly fpv.
5 channel if so desired:
~Flaps (super slow with full flaps deployed!)
I reckon she'd fly 3 channel easy enough though, with just elev/rudder/throttle.