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Posted by AussieHoppy | Jan 21, 2012 @ 03:28 AM | 5,673 Views
KMP 2010mm T 28 Trojan 12 cell elec maiden 22052016 (8 min 42 sec)

Composite fibreglass fuselage/ built up balsa wings
12kg AUW/ MTOW

Original intention was to set this up with a RCGF 65cc gasser engine, but when I fired this plane up with a smaller IC engine the plane rattled a *lot* lol not much glue used in construction, so I squeezed in epoxy glue everywhere I could gain access to, but decided to go with an electric conversion.
Had a few other issues, eg the ply dihedral spar was 5mm short of connecting with one of the main structural ribs, so I made a new spar, then proceeded to epoxy glue the 2 wing halves together, and epoxy cloth the join for good measure.

Couldn't get my hands on a Tacon 160 so I compromised on a T-Motor AT5330 6363 size 190kv. Bench tests proved nothing great but certainly fine, but maiden proved the setup with a big 22x10x3 Beila prop was too much, dropped back to 20x10x3 Beila with much better results but motor screeching by the end of the 2nd flight has me doubting the quality of this motor.

So post maiden I'm considering either swapping the T-Motor with a Tacon 160, or re-converting back to IC with the originally intended 65cc... because... I'd lurve to power with a Saito FG60-R3 3 cylinder gasser radial!

Also I've not been successful at all with the Chinese Robart flogoffs, replaced many components with genuine Robart, stripped and rebuilt all cylinders, even tripled the air capacity, all to no avail. Thinking I'll go with...Continue Reading
Posted by AussieHoppy | Jan 11, 2012 @ 06:15 AM | 6,304 Views
Here's what I did with my SSS

SSS to the Ocean! (11 min 52 sec)

Only flew with one 4S 5000mah and almost didn't make it home had to dead stick land...

Hacker motor
MAS 3 blade prop
FY-31AP & Hornet OSD
Dragon rc
Oracle diversity
Fatshark Trinity HT

Still needs in-flight trimming but loving this platform ...Continue Reading
Posted by AussieHoppy | Jan 10, 2012 @ 02:27 PM | 8,605 Views
My ever so slow assembly/build...

Tacon 160
2 x 4S 5000mah in series for 8 cell
Castle Creation 100 amp esc

Didnt' trust the main wing after a mate of mine crashed his on maiden when one of the removable wing ends slipped of in-flight, so I glued mine as one piece.
Original motor box was very impractical, so I fabricated an aluminium box that goes back to the main wing root to speard the load, and will fit 4S 5000mah lipos.
No end of retract problems. Stock motors died while bench testing. Installed some (expensive) Wingspan retracts I bought ages ago, they too died, they were sloppy as hell anyway. Found some large scale rotating retracts in the workshop, can't remember when I bought them or where from, one worked perfect, the other for a while then motor smoked... opened up to find scrap metal had been left in the gearbox during manufacture... so for now I have one of these unknown retracts, the other is an FMS 1700mm Corsair.
With all the messing around with retracts I converted the gear doors to servo actuated.

Landing lights are 1 cell pocket LED torches.
Retracts are 7.4 volt
Receiver/servos 5.5 volt.
So I power everything (other than motor lol) with a 2S 2200mah, direct to retracts, bec for rc/servos, dc reg for land lights.
Common rail for all -ive, sperate voltage common rail for +ives.
Used pc serial port plug/socket for wing wiring connectors.

Tail retract works fine... so far...
Hitec servos all round....Continue Reading
Posted by AussieHoppy | Jan 08, 2012 @ 03:58 PM | 5,415 Views
The Druine Turbulent was a French designed home build timber ultralight from late 50's/60's, powered by a VW 1200cc 30hp engine, wingspan 6.53 metres [21'5"], 281kg gross. The cantilever wing was designed with built in leading edge slats to aid in low speed handling.

Druine Turbulent 40% scratch built

30cc gas converted Supertiger engine removed, replaced with a 53cc XYZ twin cylinder engine, rubber engine mounts, and straight through ss flexi exhaust headers for the first flights.

Exhaust muffler I have temporarily made out of an ally electrical project box with 2 chambers an some ss wool, now much quieter

First engine start
Druine first start XYZ Dec2016 (0 min 40 sec)

Second flight Jan 2017
Druine Turbulent Jan 2017 (3 min 57 sec)
...Continue Reading