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Posted by Veliz7 | Nov 30, 2016 @ 05:08 AM | 2,374 Views
First blog!!

So with 2016 coming to an end, but not before Xmas, my wife gave me the chance of an early Xmas present! I've been flying for a year and a half or so and been doing great with my Hangar 9 P51 PTS, J3 Cub and my foamy Flyzone Zero so I decided to give a 60 size plane a try. Obviously not immediately, since I'm going to take my time and build this just how I want it. Plus I have my Phoenix Models AT-6 texan 2 that needs a few adjustments after it's maiden and also got my current project, that's almost done(Hangar 9 Corsair 50).

So nonetheless I will be working on this p51 here and there and hopefully finish by June or July of next year before our club's big 2 day event (SCCMAS) where I want to show how far and fast I've gotten since introduced to this awesome hobby!
I plan on going with the scheme of "My Pride and Joy" Flown by Lt. Richard Candelaria. I decided on this scheme for a couple of reasons: 1 it's simple, 2 Candelaria was one of the few Latino Ace's in WW2 and last but not least it's a scheme thats not really out there in the RC world compared to "Old Crow", "Lady Alice" or "hurry home honey"

So I got the package yesterday November 29 and after inspecting it and making sure there weren't any broken parts or anything like that I started removing the green monokote on one of the flaps and aileron. I will be removing all green and applying the aluminum monokote with a black stripe on the top part of the wing just like the bottom part and also the rudder will be in a yellow kind of monokote, not really sure which one of all yellows i'll use.