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Posted by empeabee | Jun 24, 2012 @ 06:39 PM | 12,309 Views
{Nov '12} It takes all sorts to make a world
(Jan '14) RC Signals

Nov'12 :-
Well, I had a little eye opener over the last couple of days.
In the nearly 3/4 of a century of bouncing round the world, working mainly in electronics and computers, I've me 1000s of assorted people, the vast majority being reasonable, happy, helpful, and keen to learn new things.
There have been very few 'nasty' people and occasional totally totally self serving 'power person', so I considered myself both lucky and able to get on with most everyone.
I had heard rumours of a Clan or group, generally referred to as RedNecks, and much humorous reference is made to them.
I finally met one, online, hiding behind his keyboard.
He blundered into a large, well kept, special purpose, quite technical thread, like a bull in a china shop.
He claimed to have read the aims and intentions of the the thread, and to have read the FAQ section (which is comprehensive and well kept).
He may have read it all, but he had totally failed to understand a single word.
He then proceeded to denigrate the members (calling them harvards ( HUH ) and pseudo-engineers and refer to the content as total BS.
All this because the information he absolutely must have was not there, and no one seemed to be jumping to attention to research and spoon feed him with answers to questions he failed to ask. - Nice Guy eh.
In desperation one member pointed him to a much more general thread on a similar subject, just to get him out of our...Continue Reading