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Posted by Gordysoar | Oct 08, 2014 @ 01:27 AM | 12,445 Views


For those who haven't met me on a sailplane field or slope somewhere in the world, I have likely flown RC sailplanes more places with more guys in the world than anyone else on Earth.

I flew RC sailplanes in Mexico, South America, the Carribean Islands, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, NZ, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, England even most fields in the USA...and slopes in a bunch of places too.

So you likely get the idea, I like to build and fly RC Sailplanes. DS? Yep Parker and Frankfort (KY) and well again a lot of places in the world.

I currently enjoy flying two channel competitions, TD, and ALES. I'd love to do more F3J but it takes too much time and commitment and my thumbs are getting slow.
I wrote a column in RCSD for a lot of years and still shoot off a page or two of my gibberish occasionally :-)

And why yes I am LSF5

In any case, take a look at my YouTube channel to see some of the fun stuff I get to fly.
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Louisville Ky