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Can you improve your flight skills just by changing a few numbers in Betaflight? Possibly! Today we take a look at a few of those numbers, make some changes, and conduct demonstration flights with how those changes turn out. Specifically, we make changes to our Micro FPV Quad Betaflight setup Feedforward numbers, and look at the associated Feedforward Transition & Smart Feedforward options as well as I Term Relax.

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Gentlemen :

When I do get the chance to fly , the Quanum Chaotic is my recent bird of choice . I have this one (of 3 owned) rigged up with a Walkera DV04 digital camcorder under the nose for some camera work . As I tend to fly this one on 4S power , I am finding that there is plenty of power to spare while even carrying the camcorder and the newly designed 3D printed motor cover pods .

The motor pods have been designed to maintain optimum motor cooling having left the center area open . Escaping airflow can easily exit here . A heavier 2mm shell thicknes printed with a 70% infill makes for a sturdy pod skin which easily handles the landing gear loads .

When printing the lower pods , I noted that there was a central support structure which was kept ! I used a milling bit in my drill press to shorten this structure by about 3/8 " . Before mounting the pod , I used a heavy dollop of silicone on the lower motor mount and the top of this support structure . When the silicone cured over 24 hours , it made a great shock mount pad between the motor part of the frame and the pod support in its interior .

And that's it . A simple and effective addition to the Chaotic which works well .

Regards to my readers and Aussie mates . Cheers RIckC_RCAV8R
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Quick clip showing bobbing:

Quick clip showing bobbing (0 min 55 sec)

Okay, here are some things I tried to remove that bobbing:

1) Change CG. Moved it way forward, way back, not much difference in the 'bobbing' behavior

2) Extend elevons. I thought perhaps the elevons were being blanked out at higher angles of attack as the flow separates/KF airfoil vortex sheds from behind the step. However, this seemed to make the behavior WORSE

3) Stiffen control linkages. This involved moving control horns to top, increasing torque and resolution of servo by adjusting linkage position, firming up the elevon hinge, etc. Didn't make much difference

4) Fly upsdide down.

And #4 is what made the difference. The wing flew a bit better upside down! For some reason, my KFm-2 wing wants to become a KFm-1 wing... and under loading (hard turns etc) this tendency flairs up and causes the bobbing behavior seen in the video.

Why does this happen??

Honestly I'm not sure, and being an aerospace engineer, it is killing me not being able to figure it out Sometimes when I am flying straight and level a gust of wind will come and make the plane take a hard nose dive... which means that in 'level' flight the wing is on the verge of creating 'negative lift', or swapping the high and low pressure regions of the wing... very odd, haven't seen that before.

All in all, it was a great learning experience (although frustrating) and revealed some good and bad points of...Continue Reading
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Got me another budget motor from Banggood ..
Wont bother with a link since no one is interested in anyway ...

The only prop I had on hand to try was a 8045 ( 8 x 4.5 ) Electric Prop ..

2s Battery ( 2200mAh )

7100 RPM @ 9.6 amp

3s Battery ( 2200mAh )

9150 RPM @ 15.5 amp

Even though there was not a huge RPM difference between the 2s and 3s , one really could feel the thrust difference . I cant help but feel that this motor would wind out some once the motor was in a plane and moving forward . On the 2s battery the motor remained completely cool to the touch and on the 3s battery it became lukewarm . So the motor did notice the load under the 3s battery , but not overly so . Especially considering that the recommended prop is a 8 x 4 on 3s .

I would say that this motor would be very happy on a 2s battery and a 8045 prop ( I like the peak current draw ) . I would be very tempted to even try a 9x4 prop with a 2s battery to see how the motor handles it .

Soldering Day :

Lots of things needed soldering , and with the wind blowing rather hard outside the soldering iron got a work out .
The R4 needs a Rx , so I had to solder the pins to one of the FS2A Rx I keep handy . Also needed to do a battery lead .
Also have several projects that need doing ..

GT Power Tachometer

Goodness me ! I love and hate these !
I love that they do multi blades , the Tach is relatively cheap .
Butt! , I really hate the button batteries .
These tacho's have parasitic drain . And the batteries are always flat when I need the tacho .
So I will be doing a AAA mod shortly and run it on some rechargeable AAA batteries in a external cradle .
Might have to do a thing on the mod !

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The efforts behind the development and design you can't see it, it happens like these picture showed. Quality is not easy to succeed at once, we have to stick to our own standards and work hard to win the praise of users.
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I recently purchased a Great Planes Spad XIII fuselage and empennage and I am trying to source out parts to complete it. I am looking for; both top and bottom wings, struts, landing gear, cowling, and any miscellaneous accessories. If you have any of these parts for sale, or an old Spad please let me know! Thank You!
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If you want to be our USA dealer, you can contact

If you want to be dealer in the others country, you can contact me.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 008615814788262
FB: Linda Lai
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I got a cheap HSP Xstr pro roller off farcebook market place.

Original plan was to use the old brushed motor and ESC combo from my other Xstr buggies that have been upgraded to brushless,
but I couldn't resist and bought a cheap 4370kv brushless motor and 60 amp ESC combo
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Get the HX100 fromAmazon or from BetaFPV
Get 10% BetaFPV Site Coupon here -
I am very satisfied with the HX100.
100mm carbon fiber frame, weight: 44g, 1103 8000KV motors, 65mm and 48mm propellers, F4 FC with 2-4S 12A and the good Runcam Nano2.
He flies perfectly and you get all the spare parts shipped quickly at Amazon DE. The HX100 is really fast which I would recommend to experienced pilots. For the FPV entry I still recommend a Tiny Whoop like Eachine Trashcan or Beta75X 3S or the new Beta85 Pro 2.

Pic 1,2 - The video antenna is placed upwards. Here's a little hole in the camera canopy

...Continue Reading
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Have a new fusion 270 that does not want to behave. Out the box it was not responding well (I am new to RC helicopters), so stopped rotor checked all controls response and they are correct. Checked swash but cannot gauge with eye. Purchased swash leveling tool (one with three legs on the drive shaft) and set all links to have a so called level swash. Tested blade angels and am confused. Level swash, but on rotation of blades the blade angel changes. At 12 o clock i set front blade to zero, then turn head to 3 o clock, the setting changes to 3.4 degrees, then turn to 6 o clock and the setting goes back to almost zero sometimes positive 0.3 or negative 0 .1, then turn to 9 o clock and angle changes to 2.4? Back to 12 o clock and the setting is almost zero again. What gives. Have tried to level the helicopter as best i can have tried to make shaft perfectly vertical, but this does not make sense. Have tried to recheck and recheck but each time get funny results. Have corrected follower arm and made them level as well. Anyone got some ideas. Still have not flown but at this rate looks like i will end up flying it and then rebuilding because this thing is not going to respond well in the air. Will probably get someone experienced to fly it first. Any help welcomed.
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Yep. Another orphan followed me home a couple of weeks ago, but it isn't a basket case.

It's a brand new, plan-built model done by my friend, Buzz Waltz. Buzz, if you'll review my previous entries, used to be a kit designer and manufacturer who gave me a beautiful, one-off prototype called The Sparrow.

The new model is the Dragon Fly, a large, gas-powered free flight design from 1936 adapted for three-channel RC. Buzz built it for electric power with a pull-pull rudder and the workmanship is beyond incredible. Wings and tail are covered, but the fuselage is bare, planked wood.

It'll soon get a light coat of water-based Varathane for a more finished look. Callie Soden at has a Golden Age air racer decal scheme in mind which I hope to get soon.

Here are the plans:
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If you have bought the Fatshark attitude V5 or are using the new 18650 battery pack and want a proper balance lead to balance charge, here is how you go about doing it:

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I should add pics more often, just a few local planes & a local couple enjoying our Tuesday night fun-flys.

Richard with his big Corsair on 6s.
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N20 DC Gear Motor (1 min 7 sec)