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Posted by EXNOOB | Apr 05, 2019 @ 05:18 AM | 585 Views
Hello everyone, I am curious to find out if my old analog controller and receiver Will work with a new PNF Model . I have a futaba sky sport 4 (modeL:T4VF). This is a 4 channel That came with my hobbico superstar 40 . The receiver is a FP - R12 7DF . This is a 7 channel receiver but I can only use 4 of them with my transmitter .The plane I am thinking of purchasing is a H-King Skipper All Terrain Airplane ,EPO ,700mm span.For this plane I will need ,4CH transmitter and receiver also a few 3S 1300~2200mAh lipo batteries and the charger for them. I think my real question is will the new ECS Work with my older receiver . From what I have seen , Main power Into the ECS Then 2 The motor And another line going into your throttle control on your receiver . How does this work when the receiver has its own dedicated Battery Channel ? Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated . Thank you for your time .

Currently flying a Hobbico Super Star 40 And a sky King 959