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GEPRC Phoenix3 GEP-PX3 140mm Wheelbase F4 FC 3 Inch FPV Racing Drone PNP BNF W/ RunCam Micro Swift Camera VTX 1206 4500KV Motor

Name: PHANTOMThe size of the gep-px3 version is more of an outdoor flight, and the size and power upgrades mean better flight performance.

The frame is a 3-inch version of PX, and the lens protection material is still 7075 aluminum.The overall use of 3K carbon fiber, 3mm thickness of the bottom plate and 1.5mm thickness of the top plate to ensure the durability of the frame.3D printed TPU tail combination LED lamp design.Position the battery up and down according to the flight habits.The overall model is compact and delicate, beautiful appearance.

This major upgrade to the powerpack will be paired with SpeedX's gr1206-4500kv motor and the EMAX AVAN Mini 3-inch propeller, powered by a 4s battery, for excellent flight performance.

The camera adopts Runcam Micro Swift, and the flight control system adopts STABLE F4 Towe 20A version, which is simple and convenient to install, STABLE and good system, suitable for small wheelbase competition.

Wheelbase: 140mm
Camera protection: 7075 aluminum
Bottom plate: 3mm
Top plate: 2mm
side plate: 1mm
Motor: GEPRC GEP-GR1206 4500Kv
Propeller: EMAX AVAN Mini propeller
GPRC STABLE F4 Tower (GEP-F4-BS20A-VTX58200-M) V1.4
Flight Controller: Betaflight F4 OMNIBUS
ESCs: ∑20A BLHeli_S/...Continue Reading
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GX1 2WD electric desert buggy 8S (0 min 17 sec)

GX1 2WD electric desert buggy 8S is the upgrade version of this our 1st version buggy was running on this video.
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Hey Folks! I just put up a series of 3 videos on the Flightline F4U-1D Corsair from MotionRC on the RCINFORMER YouTube Channel... ENJOY
Flightline 1600mm F4U-1D Corsair Flight Review By: RCINFORMER (22 min 9 sec)

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1/16 scale R/C Army truck that I haul out with my bombers on occasion. The 55 gal. drums, and the tarp covered cargo that hides the batteries, are all scratch built. It has power to all six wheels.
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Thanks for taking a peak here. If you like, my YouTube channel (Mike's RC Corner) is full of these videos and love to have you along for the ride!

I found this Radio for sale online and from the features list, I'm very impressed for what you get for $50!! It has a gyro installed in the receiver for steering assist, 7 channels, flashlight built into the radio, temperature sensor, 15 model memory, etc... Receivers are only $12 to boot too!

Check out the video and I'll be following up with more with how it performs and how the features work. More info is in the video notes.

This COULD be YOUR NEXT RADIO / TRANSMITTER!! Hobby Porter HP-007 EP#447 (7 min 11 sec)

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Test Flight #1 - HK FW190 WarBird Crash Repair!

Here is a link to the Video:

I have everything repaired after my 1st Crash with this plane.
That will teach me not to fly this plane in too much wind ;-)
I had to reattach one of the Landing Gear and straighten the other one.
I have also increase the Dual-Rate on the Elevator for insurance ;-)

Repairs Completed: Straightened and reattached Landing Gear.

This Kit is discontinued but they still have the F6F Hellcat ;-)

Here is a link to the kit:

H-King F6F Hellcat - Glue-N-Go - Foamboard Kit

Here is a link to the Review of this plane:
Review - Hobby King Focke Wulf FW 190 Kit Plane (18 min 8 sec)

Here is a link to these LIPOs:

Here is a link to the Review of these LIPOs:

Here is a link to the Servos:

My Power Setup for this plane:

Motor: Grayson Hobby 2212 2200kv
ESC : HobbyWing 30A
Prop : Gemfan 8040 Composite
LIPO : 3S 2200mah 25C (172 grams)

Thrust : 1070 grams
AMPS : 26.5 (approx. 20 amps in flight at full throttle)
AUW : 582 grams including Micro FPV System
Thrust to Weight Ratio: 1.8:1

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

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I ve put a steam engine on my Yokomo BD7 1/10 touring car. Check it out!

Steam powered RC car (1 min 2 sec)

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Hey AMA, this is not what any sane hobbiest wants to be associated with, drop these stupid drones like a bad habit before we all go down in flames....Flame thrower attachment...really?
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

SJRC F11 Pro, MJX Bugs 4W, ZLRC SG906 Beast, SJRC F11 review camera shootout - Which video do you think is best?
I replicate 4 short flights with these great low cost GPS FPV Quadcopter Drones that all have min 1080p HD cameras as close as possible in the same weather conditions for comparison, but I do not disclose which video was taken with which drone,Öyet. Please comment and say which video you think is best,ÖDrone 1, 2 , 3 or 4.

And,.... I will also disclose which video was taken with which drone and the one that gets the most likes, votes or general consensus on this channel in one weeks time.

Camera shootout - Which video is best? (13 min 41 sec)

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WLtoys959 + sq12 (2 min 38 sec)

A) Yes , I nearly flew the wings off the F959 .. Toward the end of the video it got very squirrel'y so I decided to land it . Honestly , I was probably one second away from the wings falling off . Yes they were glued in , but apparently I had gone a little overly weight saving in the assembly and the windy conditions broke the glue bond . And the wings backed out of the fuse ....
B) I did want that flight video ..
C) Calmer conditions needed , but with all the bad weather . There is only one good day on the weather forecast , and that day is scheduled as UMx whipit day . I better charge some batteries ....
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GEPRC PHANTOM Toothpick Freestyle 125mm 2-3S FPV RC Drone Quadcopter PNP BNF with 1103 8000KV Motor F4 Flight Control 12A ESC

Many people prefer the 4S version,the 4S version with 5500KV motor,it is preorder now ,will be available at the beginning of August,same price

Motor: GEPRC GEP-GR1103
Wheelbase: 125mm
Propeller: 65mm
VTX:5.8g 200mW
-Weight: 51g (without battery)

1.All 3k fiber carbon plate
2.GEP-12A-F4 AIO
3.GEP-GR1103 motor
4.Support 2-3S Lipo
5.Include betaflifht OSD
6.IRC Tramp

-1 x PHANTOM Quadcopter
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If you like almost daily content and laughing your ass off you meed to sub!
2 spots fpv freestyle (6 min 45 sec)

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Hi guys,
I ended up in a pond and burned some electronics .
I've disassembled the drone, cleaned end dried , bought new fly controller PC board, assembled again and now I cannot pair the drone with the old remote transmitter.
After turning on the drone itís light are blinking fast and then slow (thatís how it was before) after turning the remote controller and moving speed stick up and down the transmitter beeps and nothing is changing on the drone (lights are still blinking slow)( same with both sticks down at 45 degrees)
Is it possible that Iíve damaged something else on the drone (possible camera PC board, all motors are O.K.) ?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Best regards,
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Uruav UR85 HD test (2 min 19 sec)

Get it here

Test flight with my new Uruav Ur 85 HD. The full HD footage is straight from the Caddx Turtle V2, just on the first part a filter was applied. This cinewhoop flies nicely, but it is not very suited for freestyle.
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