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WLtoys959 + sq12 (2 min 38 sec)

A) Yes , I nearly flew the wings off the F959 .. Toward the end of the video it got very squirrel'y so I decided to land it . Honestly , I was probably one second away from the wings falling off . Yes they were glued in , but apparently I had gone a little overly weight saving in the assembly and the windy conditions broke the glue bond . And the wings backed out of the fuse ....
B) I did want that flight video ..
C) Calmer conditions needed , but with all the bad weather . There is only one good day on the weather forecast , and that day is scheduled as UMx whipit day . I better charge some batteries ....
Posted by Qwinout | Yesterday @ 10:45 PM | 328 Views
GEPRC PHANTOM Toothpick Freestyle 125mm 2-3S FPV RC Drone Quadcopter PNP BNF with 1103 8000KV Motor F4 Flight Control 12A ESC

Many people prefer the 4S version,the 4S version with 5500KV motor,it is preorder now ,will be available at the beginning of August,same price

Motor: GEPRC GEP-GR1103
Wheelbase: 125mm
Propeller: 65mm
VTX:5.8g 200mW
-Weight: 51g (without battery)

1.All 3k fiber carbon plate
2.GEP-12A-F4 AIO
3.GEP-GR1103 motor
4.Support 2-3S Lipo
5.Include betaflifht OSD
6.IRC Tramp

-1 x PHANTOM Quadcopter
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If you like almost daily content and laughing your ass off you meed to sub!
2 spots fpv freestyle (6 min 45 sec)

Posted by Reckless_fpv | Yesterday @ 09:24 PM | 400 Views
Posted by SONOVA GUN | Yesterday @ 09:00 PM | 420 Views
Hi guys,
I ended up in a pond and burned some electronics .
I've disassembled the drone, cleaned end dried , bought new fly controller PC board, assembled again and now I cannot pair the drone with the old remote transmitter.
After turning on the drone its light are blinking fast and then slow (thats how it was before) after turning the remote controller and moving speed stick up and down the transmitter beeps and nothing is changing on the drone (lights are still blinking slow)( same with both sticks down at 45 degrees)
Is it possible that Ive damaged something else on the drone (possible camera PC board, all motors are O.K.) ?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Best regards,
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Uruav UR85 HD test (2 min 19 sec)

Get it here

Test flight with my new Uruav Ur 85 HD. The full HD footage is straight from the Caddx Turtle V2, just on the first part a filter was applied. This cinewhoop flies nicely, but it is not very suited for freestyle.
Posted by JohnVH | Yesterday @ 10:02 AM | 1,039 Views
Posted by GLSJr | Yesterday @ 08:24 AM | 1,095 Views
Tried ordering this from HobbyKing, TWICE. Both times my order was canceled for whatever reason I'll never know. I've read similar tales elsewhere. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Some guys swear by them. Turnigy's no help either. They're still out of stock in the U.S. warehouse, with no known ETA. I may convert my home-made nitro stand to electric. Not as pretty as that V3, though. George
Posted by nigelsheffield | Yesterday @ 07:45 AM | 1,142 Views
I should be getting this next, should stand a better chance of 3d flying ( inverted ) than the sailfly due to the bigger motors , I got the sailfly to 3d but not brilliant due to the smaller motor and ESC sizes, this might work perhaps...

Name: Screenshot_2019-07-17-14-08-50.png
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And a couple of coupons to try to get it cheaper.
Coupon 1 ($111.75): BGToothpick
Coupon 2 ($115.56): bgssaff9

Full speed toothpick pro.
Looks good from specs, bit more speed and power is always good lol.
Definitely worth checking out and I'll update when I get mine.
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Does anyone know if the fly sky fs-bs6 receiver works on a fixed wing airplane
Posted by Nicolai Valenti | Yesterday @ 06:10 AM | 1,198 Views
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New hybrid drones are being designed here at the sandwichaero laboratories, smaller and cheaper than our actual 2000W hybrid drone.

next model is going to use 15" propellers and a 1000W generator, a configuration which will provide 5 hours of flight time with a light payload (up to 500g) and more than 2 hours with a medium payload (up to 2kg).

You can buy our 2000W hybrid drone from here:

To follow this project subscribe to our newsletter:

(we will post only about very important announcements, no spam).
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GX1 electric desert buggy 4WD version has started to assemble and test, look forward to its monster power.
Posted by steve wenban | Yesterday @ 03:52 AM | 1,340 Views
8 weeks to go , should be able to get this done
Posted by CarToon | Yesterday @ 02:59 AM | 1,419 Views
Here is a Focke Wulf I acquired in a trade. It was repainted, with Callie Graphics markings. The pilot is FMS, repainted to look more like a German fighter pilot. It also has Dave Brown wheels, aluminum cannons, and hand painted spinner. I also added padding around the instrument panel.