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Posted by candw | Dec 08, 2013 @ 07:29 PM | 2,891 Views
Hi guys, before you read this remember I am only 13 so if the work or grammar isn't the greatest sorry.
This is Cole from candw (coleandwill) we use the same screen name because it is easier than having two accounts to maintain. You may have heard my dads post in the Trader Talk section. I just wanted to show my custom snow truck I made. It is made from an old Losi NXT that my dad converted to electric a few years back. I got tired of it sitting around and decided to do something with it.

The first thing I did to it was waterproof the electronics with an electrical waterproofing spray (and yes, the receiver is in a latex glove). I tested this version of the truck out with the stock front tires, But with some old school knobby offroad tires. I put in a 50t 36 pitch spur gear and a 19t pinion on a stock 27t brushed motor. Yikes! that was almost a huge mess, luckily I caught the motor temp before it got a chance to burn up. I now have a 48 pitch 16t pinion and a 72t spur in it. Smooth . While running it I noticed that the front tires slid A LOT on the slippery surface, time for some problem solving! I looked up some solutions to the problem and found that some guys put skis on the front of their cars. I thought this was a great idea and immediately started thinking of how I could create my very own set of scale snow skis.

My first idea was to take a piece of about 1/8 inch plastic from the end of a reel that held wire on it. There wasn't enough plastic...Continue Reading