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Posted by 50mph | Jun 05, 2011 @ 09:22 PM | 12,985 Views
Well I watched the one and only kit hang on the walls of our local Hobby Shop since they first came out. It is strange that someone didnít grab this up because of the long wait for more to show up around the country.

I decided to setup this build using the E Flite recommended power using the Delta-V 32 80mm EDF, BL32 Ducted Fan Motor, 2150Kv.

As some know EFLUX RC has a very powerful MEGA 6S setup that brings the Habu to 140+ mph. Tamjets offers maybe the most powerfull setup for the Habu32. I chose to start off with the stock setup and may consider that very powerful MEGA 6S setup EFlux RX offers.

For servos I chose Hitec HS-85 for the control surfaces and HS85MG for the rudder and steering.

I also will be using the E Flite 15-25 Retracts.

I must say that the Habu 32 is one of the best models I have had the pleasure to admire. E Flite has done us justice with this kit. So many of the top EDF providers have nothing but outstanding comments when it comes to the Habu 32....Continue Reading
Posted by 50mph | Feb 06, 2011 @ 04:53 PM | 13,109 Views
Something old, I donít know if anyone still has their New Power Fury.
This model was sitting in my LHS for quite some time and was the oldest kit the shop had. The date on the price tag dated 04/2008. I always remember seeing this on the wall and never really thought about what was inside the box. So I asked and opened the box. I was amazed at the covering and simply wanted the plane. People stopped posting on this back in 2009. The designer was French, Benoit Paysant-Le Roux and was unique in his design. The wing has a slight incident with the wing higher in the front. The stab is centered but the elevator is offset. The kit is very light and I selected the lightest setup I could find but wanted to have power.

My Setup
Motor - Super Tiger .10 370 watts 33 amps.
ESC - Castel Creations THUNDERBIRD-36
Servos - HS-65HB
Battery - 3S 2200

I just finished building and have yet to fly the plane. I will say I took the plane out back, and was holding the plane with one hand while having the throttle at around 50%, while letting go for a split second and seeing the plane hang. I know this plane will perform well because it seemed so balanced just hanging briefly. I canít wait to get it trimmed out and see how this uniquely designed plane performs.
Posted by 50mph | Feb 06, 2011 @ 10:30 AM | 13,365 Views
This isnít the type of plane I like to fly; normally I prefer Sport/3D airframes. I just could not resist the Fun Cub because of those large tundra tires. The build was easy, reading the manual a few times to gain the understanding of the diagrams. Flipping back and forth between the English Instructions and the diagrams worked well for me.
I opted for the optional flaps, after reading about others having the flaps (I think they are brakes) set at 90 degrees I wanted to give it a try. I did try the normal flap setting on my DX7, worked very well, only a small amount of down elevator programmed into the radio. When I hit the full flaps I never expected the plane to climb as high and fast as it did. Not that it created an uncontrollable flight, just surprised me on how fast it climbed and slowed down to a crawl. Nice feature once adjusted, take the plane up and on your descent turn on the brakes (flaps to 90 degrees). Slows down to a crawl and still is controllable.

So Multiplex has a hit to me, the name Fun Cub is exactly what I experienced, nothing but fun.

My Setup
Receiver Ė Spektrum 6100
Motor Ė E Flite 10BL, reversed shaft
ESC Ė E Flite 60amp, overkill but it was laying around doing nothing
HS 81 on the flight control
HS 55 on the flaps, mechanically set for Aileron Differential, used one channel for flaps.
Power - 3S 2200
Paint - Krylon Short Cuts, Sun Yellow
Posted by 50mph | Jan 01, 2011 @ 09:51 AM | 13,758 Views
I picked this up last year while working in Germany. As I browsed through the hobby store I found this sitting on a shelf and just could not keep from bying the kit.

I have not flown a Canard type plane and though I would have fun building and flying this kit. I will update my build as I go through the process. I am thinking of adding ailerons but will decide this later.
Posted by 50mph | Jan 01, 2011 @ 09:44 AM | 12,640 Views
I love my RC.
I live in the great Northwest (Washington State) where we have learned to fly in between the rain drops. Well most say it always rains here, I say we fly all year aorund and keep our planes dry. The best part is we dont have any of the vampires here like in Forks.

OK so I wanted to start and post my current or on going projects and this seems to be the place I can do that.

More to follow.......